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Kerry Hotel, Pudong, Shanghai Launches Chinese New Year Dinner Sets

Kerry Hotel, Pudong, Shanghai Launches Chinese New Year Dinner Sets

Shanghai, China, 1 January 2019 – From the epicurean Baked Lobster to the very rare delicacies of Poon Choi filled with braised treasures ranging from abalone and sea cucumber to roasted meats, guests at Kerry Hotel, Pudong, Shanghai will be spoiled with an ultimate hearty and joyful five-star dining experience this Chinese New Year.

The hotel has thoughtfully prepared its private dining room for guests who avail the family reunion dinner set during the Chinese New Year’s period (1 to 19 February 2019). Priced at 6,888, 8,888 and 10,888, the menus are good for 10 guests to enjoy and include one rice cake box with two Adventure Zone entrance tickets.

In addition to the classic New Year Poon Choi and Assorted Dumplings in Superior Soup on the menu, guests may also find Double-Boiled Chicken Soup with Fish Maw, Abalone and Braised Pork Belly, and the Prosperity Eight Treasure Rice.

The hotel introduces two of its representative Chinese New Year dishes: Assorted Dumpling in Superior Soup and New Year Poon Choi. Family Happy Together: Assorted Dumplings in Superior Soup As the name implies, this casserole dish is filled with delicacies of different shapes and colours. The cabbage and vermicelli work as the base, and stacked with golden egg dumplings, fish balls, pork skin, smoked fish, mushrooms and shrimp. Its preparation takes a lot of skills and workmanship. It is a dish that easily brings diners back to their childhood times. Kerry Hotel, Pudong, Shanghai keep the traditional craftsmanship, choosing only quality ingredients and making sure the cooking ratios are very precise.

The Egg Dumpling is filled with ground black pork and finely diced water chestnuts. Its egg wrap is all freshly made, thin and delicate. The fish ball is made with fresh mackerel. Chef debones the fish by hand and uses the back of the knife to lightly chop the meat into a smooth paste.

Sanlintang Pork Skin, a seasonal treasure, has a lovely crispiness that easily brings this dish to a new level. All the tasty ingredients are simmered in chicken and ham broth for an hour before serving.

The dumplings and fish balls are soft, almost melting in the mouth. Pork skin and smoked fish are classic Shanghai flavours for the Chinese New Year. The beautiful presentation and lovely texture of this dish makes it an ideal choice for big families with kids and elders.

The Greatest Fortune: New Year Poon Choi
New Year Poon Choi first originated in the late Song dynasty. It is a symbolic Cantonese dish for the Chinese New Year, an essential for the date of celebration and reunion of Cantonese families.

Fine ingredients are selected for the preparation of this exquisite dish, which is made with extra care. Dried sea cucumber, abalone and scallops are well-soaked for two to three days beforehand, and then nicely arranged together with prawns, roasted meats and mushrooms in a poon (pot). The braised treasure pot of goodness will be brought to a slow simmer in a homemade broth. This dish has an unmatched flavour and fragrance. The homemade broth used for braising takes eight to nine hours to acquire. Chef Lam uses chicken, pork and ham, and enhances the flavour with his secret seasoning for the broth. All ingredients are simmered for eight to nine hours for the thick and addictive braised taste.

Guests looking for high-quality Chinese New Year gifts can choose from the hotel’s New Year goodies, such as the rice cake box, two kinds of hampers, a seafood gift pack, candy bags and packed Poon Choi, to celebrate a prosperous Chinese New Year.

For enquiries or to make a reservation, guests may call (86 21) 6169 8888 ext. 8886 or e-mail 

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