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The MEAT at Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai, famed for outstanding steak and seafood choices, is to set off a new culinary journey by introducing a five-course tasting menu. Executive Chef Otto Goh from Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai, sources only the finest of ingredients, employs classic French cooking techniques, and plans to build The MEAT as one of the thought-after destinations for connoisseurs around the world.

The MEAT tasting menu by Chef Otto Goh, dessert by Jayme Shimamura, and wine by Head Sommelier Tyler Chen is nothing short of a culinary masterpiece. The first appetizer Royal Oyster No 1 is a meticulously prepared dish that showcases best produce of the sea. Chef Otto picks Royal Oyster No 1 from Normandy, France, and very treasured Caviar from Yunnan, China. The natural and irresistible umami flavors are elevated by fresh sorbet made with finely diced shallots and vinegar. The simple yet elegant course will for sure make a strong first impression.

The next course Crispy Potato Scampi well showcases Chef Otto’s culinary prowess. Scampis are wrapped with shredded potatoes and deep-fried till golden and crunchy. The soup dumpling placed in the middle of the plate is a delicate dumpling filled with Espelette chili pepper, buttered onion, and authentic Béchamel sauce. Chef Otto then decorates the plate with both butter orange sauce and anchovy sauce for more beautiful colors and fragrances.

The third course, White Asparagus Veloute, uses the very seasonal seared white asparagus, luxurious black truffle, and smooth puree made with foie gras and celery. Upon serving, homemade chicken stock will be poured into the soup bowl. To make the chicken stock, Chef Otto pan-sears the chicken, then it is slowly simmered and strained for the ultimate concentrated savor. He adds cream to the broth before serving as a spin to thicken the texture and rich the flavors.

Another highlight of the menu will be Jilin Black Cattle Sirloin A5. The Jilin Black Cattle from Changbai Mountain China, a premier cut with a 12 Marbling Score, is raised in an organic and eco-friendly environment. The cattle drink pure, pollution-free water from Tianchi Lake (known as Heaven Lake). The steak was so precious and full of rich flavours. Chef Otto pairs the melting-in-your-mouth steak with delicate dauphinoise potatoes, seasonal vegetables, beef jus, and some 30-year-vintage balsamic vinegar. The result is a beautifully balanced, aromatic, and lingering flavor, a steak dish to the next level.

The dessert course A Peach in Spring, designed by Pastry Chef Jayme Shimamura, is an exquisite dessert that is almost too lovely to eat – a vanilla yogurt mouse cake, shaped exactly like a graceful peach, is encased in a spun sugar ball. The mouse is filled with citrus peach compote, vanilla bean gelee and ginger almond crunch for a multilayer of flavors and textures. As how the name hints, this dessert is an easy seduce and a unblemished compete of the fine meal.

The tasting menu is available for dinner every day at The MEAT. Guests may opt for a five-course dinner at RMB 680 per person and a wine-pairing package with four glasses of sommelier-selected wine is offered at an additional RMB 240 to complete this magnificent gastronomic journey. A luxe wine paring menu is available at an additional RMB 480, expertly paired with gourmet.

In addition to the not-to-be-missed tasting menu, The MEAT is also introducing a seasonal menu this coming summer. We sincerely invite you to indulge in many more truly inspiring, luscious, and unforgettable dining experience with us at The MEAT!

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About The MEAT

The MEAT, a contemporary steakhouse and specialty grill opens nightly from 5:30 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. Solidly backing up this idea is the restaurant’s menu, with a plenty selection of fine steak and beef available in Shanghai displayed in a dedicated meat “Ageing Room”, presided over by the restaurant’s house butcher.

About Otto Goh

Otto Goh, Executive Chef of Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai, has cumulated over 25 years of culinary experience by working through prestigious establishments. Born and raised in Malaysia, Chef Otto deepens his knowledge of culinary culture and has well infused flavors from his global background into his creations. His outstanding talent and dedication has won him numerous press and award recognitions. In Year of 2001, Otto hit the Malaysia’s The 200 List honoured by Tatler magazine and was named the title of Outstanding Chef of the Year by Shangri-La Group with his extraordinary commitment and successful leadership. In Year 2016 and 2017, The MEAT, contemporary steakhouse at Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai, receives Three Fork and Spoon designated by Michelin Guide Shanghai.

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