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Makati Shangri-La, Manila Unveils the New Isabela Ballroom

Makati Shangri-La, Manila Unveils the New Isabela Ballroom

Manila, 26 September 2013­ – Makati Shangri-La, Manila recently unveiled its second ballroom named Isabela, a more stylized and modern event space pegged to be the new venue of choice for corporate and social gatherings in the heart of the city’s business and entertainment district. 

The Isabela Ballroom is situated on the lower lobby level of the hotel, in what used to be Quezon Ballroom.  Reminiscent of an elegant residential space, the Isabela Ballroom is designed by renowned Hong Kong-based LRF Design Ltd., the same group responsible for some of Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts’ iconic properties across Asia. 

When guests arrive from the hotel lobby, they can turn left to a winding staircase leading down to the Isabela Ballroom foyer.  A cascading chandelier a la mizu style (Japanese for cascading drops of water) becomes the focal point.  The foyer is designed to be a residential enclave with a living room area adorned with leather-upholstered high-back couches, mirrored coffee tables and chrome floor lamps.  Plush carpets with geometric designs and patterns of blue bathe the floors with a cool and elegant hue. For intimate gatherings, a 22-seater dining area is located at the corner of the foyer, with its own dedicated kitchen studio. To keep celebrations private, a soft enclosure using curtains may be drawn.

Adjacent to the dining and kitchen area is a 24-seater bar and cocktail section. The bar counter is made of kanstone granite material, the walls are fitted with travertine sandstone and the floors are made of zebrino bianco Italian marble. The entire foyer can comfortably seat up to 80 persons.

When guests enter the Isabela Ballroom, they will notice that the floor-to-ceiling doors are padded with stamped cowhide leather walls, finished with brass handles. A new set of crystal chandeliers bedeck the ceiling. The ballroom’s panels have pearlized gold resin, complementing a series of paintings by Filipino artist RH Lascano. Technologically advanced features have been installed, such as touchscreen lighting and four motorized HDMI screens that drop from the ceiling with projector lifts, making the Isabela Ballroom an unparalleled venue for both business and celebratory gatherings.  The ballroom interior can seat up to 400 persons.

Moreover, a car entrance is now accessible through the Basement 1 Parking.  A VIP anteroom is available with a separate bathroom, shower and powder room. 

“We take pride and pleasure in introducing Isabela Ballroom to our guests, a contemporary and cozy venue where they can enjoy any kind of celebration, be it with loved ones, colleagues or business partners,” states Makati Shangri-La’s hotel manager Andrew den Oudsten.  “The concept for Isabela is versatility: it is perfect for intimate celebrations, as well as grander events within the ballroom. There is no other function space in the city that offers innovative culinary concepts, interchangeable furniture, a private dining area, a dedicated bar, modern lighting and audiovisual technology all in one place.”

The new name for the ballroom, Isabela, has historical significance. While the bigger Rizal Ballroom is named after the country’s national hero, Isabela represents an important figure that was instrumental in the discovery of the Philippines – Queen Isabela of Spain – because it was her and her husband, King Philip II of Spain, for whom the Philippines was named, who provided for the expedition of Ferdinand Magellan around the world, eventually leading him to discover the Philippines. 

For inquiries or event bookings, please call the Events Information Center at (63 2) 813 8888 or e-mail  Alternatively, log on to In the social media channels, Makati Shangri-La, Manila is on Facebook (/MakatiShangriLa), Twitter (@MakatiShangriLa) and Instagram (@MakatiShangriLa). 

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