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China World Summit Wing, Beijing Presents the Summit New Year Concert

China World Summit Wing, Beijing invites guests to celebrate the New Year in style.  In cooperation with the EOS Repertoire Orchestra, the hotel is bringing classical music to the capital with the 2014 New Year Concert.  Following the tremendous success of the Vertical Marathon and Fashion Designers Contest, this New Year concert is another breakthrough initiative of China World Summit Wing, Beijing’s crossover cooperation.

The Summit Concert will be held at 7 p.m. on 1st January 2014 at the Summit Ballroom on the third floor of Beijing’s most imposing tower.  With the capital’s largest uninterrupted ballroom as a venue, China World Summit Wing, Beijing invites professionals to submit designs that will transform this stunning location into a sophisticated concert environment fit for a live concert featuring world-class musicians performing on stage.

The orchestra will consist of renowned conductor Yongyan Hu, cellist Xuyang Zhao and violinist Can Gao, as well as a number of EOS musicians.  Together, they will showcase various masterpieces of classical music from such celebrated composers as Tchaikovsky, Johann Strauss II and Schubert.

The dinner menu for this concert is created exclusively by China World Summit Wing, Beijing Executive Chef Oliver Weber.  The contemporary and eclectic four-course menu draws inspiration from the hotel’s international restaurants, with influences of Chinese, Japanese and Western cuisines.  Carefully paired with selected wines, the dinner will be a mesmerising event for every bon vivant and music lover in the capital.

“I love music.  It is the food of the spirit,” said Mr. Thomas Schmitt-Glaeser.  “We initiated the crossover event for the purpose of bringing together people from different backgrounds who love art and life through the charm and power of music.  This is also a new project for the hotel after a number of crossover activities we organised this year; and as the second initiative to support the arts, we would like to create a brand new platform for the capital’s high-end audience to enjoy the musicians’ talent.”

EOS Repertoire Orchestra Director Yong Hu said, “We very much look forward to this co-operation with China World Summit Wing.  This is a brand new experiment for us and we want the world to experience how much joy music can bring to our lives.”

Tickets for the Summit Concert are priced at RMB1,888 and RMB2,088.  Seats include 120 VIP seats (RMB 2,088) and 180 deluxe seats (RMB 1,888).  Both prices include a four-course gala dinner.  For reservations, please call (86 10) 8571 6459.

About the EOS Repertoire Orchestra

The Central Conservatory of Music is an institution of higher learning focusing on training senior special music talents.  Currently, it is the only institution listed as one of the leading schools in the “211 project”.

The EOS Repertoire Orchestra, the successor of the EOS Orchestra Academy at the Central Conservatory of Music, was established in 2006.  Its members have primarily been instructors and graduate students from the Orchestra Academy, musicians from professional orchestras in China and overseas and selected graduate students from the Orchestral Instruments Department of the Central Conservatory of Music.

The EOS Repertoire Orchestra holds its own Music Season.  It has held 10 full Music Seasons in Beijing Concert Hall and holds four to six Weekend Concerts annually at Beijing’s National Centre for the Performing Arts, where it is a highly respected artistic organisation.

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