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Shangri-La Hotel Xian Presents a Selection of Spring Festival Goodies

Shangri-La Hotel Xian Presents a Selection of Spring Festival Goodies

Xian, 31 December 2015 – Shangri-La Hotel, Xian presents a selection of auspicious Spring Festival goodies and a reunion dinner in the hotel lobby from 1 January to 7 February 2016 to usher in the Year of the Monkey. 

The newly created merchandise, including three rice cake gift boxes and a steamed bun gift box, will be great gifts in the spirit of Chinese New Year for guests’ loved ones and business partners.  The three new rice cake gift boxes are “Nian Nian You Yu” Rice Cake (RMB198 per box), “Fa Cai Hao Shi” Rice Cake (RMB238 per box) and “Fu Xing Gao Zhao” Rice Cake (RMB428 per box).  The rice cakes are in fish and coin shapes, representing hope for an abundant and fortunate New Year. 

In honour of the local dinners’ food traditions, the hotel presents the Steamed Bun Gift Box (RMB298 per box).  It includes white-flour buns and pig-shaped mini buns, in addition to four various steamed bowls. 

Guests can also toast to a prosperous and successful New Year by inviting their families and friends to one of the four reunion dinners with house red wine and a bottle of juice, all priced from RMB2,999 per table.  The hotel’s executive chef combines featured Cantonese with Shaanxi delicacies with Yusheng Salmon and a seasonal fresh fruit plate on the house.  Guests will also feel the spirit of Chinese New Year as local Chinese folk artists host a series of festive activities, such as Spring Festival scroll writing and riddle guessing. 

In commemoration of the Chinese New Year, Shangri-La Hotel, Xian offers great-value room packages for a luxurious and comfortable stay in the heart of Xian.  Rates start at RMB750 per night and at RMB1,180 per night with buffet breakfast. 

For further enquiries or reservations, please contact the hotel’s food and beverage reservations at (86 29) 8835 5388 or room reservations at (86 29) 8835 5888. 

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