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Shangri-La Hotel, Xian Presents 2015 Mooncake Collection

Shangri-La Hotel, Xian Presents 2015 Mooncake Collection

Xian, 1 September 2015 Following this year’s global fashion trends, Shangri-La Hotel, Xian rolls out its 2015 mooncake collection with a touch of China in its packaging.  Guests can choose from pure red, hot pink and tiffany blue. 


The colourful, yet chic packaging is filled with 23 traditional and innovative flavours for guests to enjoy.  There are 10 kinds of gift boxes, including one lantern-style Disney mooncake box, which makes great gifts for business partners, families and friends.  


Strictly following the traditional way of making a mooncake, the culinary team chooses fine lotus seed to grind into paste for mooncakes that tantalise the taste buds with freshness.  The 23 flavours include some of the popular ones from the 2014 collection, such as Lotus Bean Paste with Egg Yolk, Mixed Nuts Paste.  All mooncakes are made using a low-sugar recipe and the hotel chefs ensure the balance of both taste and nutrition. 


The Disney mooncake gift box has been popular and widely praised by the market since its launch last year.  This year, Shangri-La Hotel, Xian will release the new Disney collection gift box to give children a fun-filled festive season.  The lantern-shaped gift box is printed with classic Disney cartoon figures Lilo and Stitch, with go-around lights for adults and kids to play with.  


The Disney collection includes five different Momoyama Mooncake flavours: Chestnut Paste, Blackcurrant Paste, Chocolate Paste, Mango and Egg Custard, and Pumpkin Paste.  Momoyama is a newly developed mooncake layer from Momoyama, Japan.  Made with white kidney bean paste, egg yolk, milk and cream, it is famous for its smooth texture. 


The mooncake collection is available now at the Mooncake Boutique on the lobby level and priced from RMB90 to RMB388.  For enquiries or reservations, please call (86 29) 8835 5388. 

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