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Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong - Launches Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea Set

Hong Kong, 29 June 2017 - Lobby Lounge at Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong is where one can admire the beauty of design, appreciate Hong Kong style local favourites and enjoy a view of the open harbour in the luxury of space. The peaceful Lobby Lounge is launching its first locally inspired Afternoon Tea set on 3 July as a break to enjoy savoury and sweet delights matched with an unlimited refill of refreshing drinks.

The Afternoon Tea is available daily at the precise time of 3:15 pm, signifying an age-old tradition in Hong Kong when locals would sit down for an afternoon break. Presented on a beautiful glass tray trimmed with fine lacquered wood, this first tea experience is akin to the locally inspired dishes of East meets West with a Kerry spin on some of the finest ingredients and Asian flavours. Executive Pastry Chef Julien Gourmelon complements the savoury bites with an array of signature desserts.

Savoury Bites: 
• Foie Gras Terrine, Toast, Citrus Gel, Dehydrated Orange
• Pickled Crab Meat, Mango Chili Salsa, Charcoal Crisp, Edible Flower
• Smoked Salmon Tartar, Crème Fraiche, Salmon Roe, Prawn Cracker
• Scrambled Egg, Black Truffle, Homemade Warm Brioche

Pastries & Desserts: 
• Lemon Tart, Ribena Espuma, Crisp Meringue
• Opalys White Chocolate & Yuzu Cheese Cake
• 66% Grand Cru Chocolate & Dulce de Leche Hazelnut Opera
• Blond Dulcey & Mango Slice
A remake of the traditional egg tart:
• Freshly Baked Hokkaido Cheese Tart

An unlimited serving of any of the following drinks:
• Yuanyang Tea
• Fine English Tea
• Iced Ribena with Lemon
• Freshly Brewed Coffee and Iced Coffee
• Iced Lemon Tea

Price: HK$438 + 10% for 2 persons

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