“My passion for cooking will take Angelini to a new level of Italian dining.”

Chef Omar Ugoletti

Expressive culinary passions

Chef Omar Ugoletti

Chef Omar Ugoletti loves his job and, in fact, the kitchen was his playground when he was a child.   

Chef Ugoletti grew up in the mountainous landscape of Marche in central Italy. He enrolled in the Professional Hotel Institute in Panzini Senigalia. After graduation, Chef Ugoletti decided to travel to London to see more of the world. Luckily, the young Ugoletti had an opportunity to work at Bertarelli Restaurant, which is one of the most renowned restaurants in central London. Chef Ugoletti’s formative years at Bertarelli were such an eye-opening experience for him that he determined to become a top chef one day. 

Chef Ugoletti believes that Italian food should be authentic and traditional; therefore, he uses only top quality and seasonal ingredients for his dishes. However, he still likes to bring some "fun" to his creations. Diners can see him using many herbs like thyme, marjoram, chives and tarragon, mostly in the summer, but he never overdoes it, as he does not want to hide the true taste of each ingredient. To continue with the “fun,” Chef Ugoletti also likes to use flowers to decorate the plate. The orchid and the borage are his favorite flowers and they help to give a lively presentation to his dishes.