Golden Circle
Event Planner Rewards

Your events, your rewards

More events, more points and more incredible moments.  With Golden Circle Event Planner Rewards, you'll be recognised and rewarded for every meeting and event you plan.  As our valued guest, we'll give you access to even more amazing experiences and exclusive upgrades.  Enjoy the flexibility to earn, share and use all the points you've worked so hard for.

Event Earnings

For every USD 5 you spend, you'll earn 1 Golden Circle Award Point, with a maximum cap of USD 200,000 spend per event. Which means you can earn up to 40,000 GC Award Points on each event.

Double Your Points

Double your events and double the points you earn. When you host a second event within the same calendar year, you’ll earn double Golden Circle Award Points on that event and any subsequent event after that.

Earning for Everyone

Never miss out on an opportunity to earn Golden Circle Award Points. Planners may earn points when confirming a group room blockage for an event, whilst attendees will also earn points when making payment on rooms.

Points Sharing

Split and share the Golden Circle Award Points earned as you wish with up to three other event partners and colleagues.

Exclusive Membership Upgrades

More events unlock more experiences and privileges. Plan three tier upgrade events within the same calendar year to reach our Jade membership and ten tier upgrade events to reach Diamond.

5% Redemption Awards

Event planners can settle up to 5% of any event spend by redeeming their Golden Circle Award Points (up to 50,000 points / USD 5,000).

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