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China World Summit Wing, Beijing Appoints Daniel Guevara Quintero As New Chef of Grill 79

Beijing, 26 July 2014 – Beijing’s highest and mightiest signature eatery, Grill 79, has taken onboard a star Spanish Chef Daniel Guevara Quintero as its new chef de cuisine.  Located in the towering China World Summit Wing, Grill 79 floats 300 metres above the ground delivering Western-style cuisine matched by an unparalleled city skyline.

James Brown might have been the hardest working person in show business, but Chef Daniel is a strong contender in the culinary world.  A diligent person, he has been self-motivated and ambitious since the day he could hold a spatula.  The Spanish chef is a firm believer in “perfection and perseverance” and makes it a point to continually learn from others. 

“My understanding about food is very simple – with love, respect and passion in the culinary process, I can accomplish my goal,” Chef Daniel said in his cooking approach.  His “aim and intention is to exceed expectations, give pleasure and make every guest happy.”  All this he does with the food he prepares. 

Like a true food enthusiast, he spends a good chunk of his time “researching, studying, investigating” and building his international culinary bibliography.  He strives hard to keep up to date with new trends, with studying being the true base of his unmatched creativity.

“I cannot rely on inspirational moments that may come from time to time,” Chef Daniel, a realist, said.  It is a principle he tries to teach everyone he works with.  

With his Spanish ancestry, he has family ties in Latin America, in particular, Argentina.  It was in Argentina where he first started studying and began making his first culinary steps.  In the last 20 years, “The Spanish Modern Kitchen” movement has put Spanish cuisine at the top of the culinary world map and in the same league as France.

So acutely aware he is of that development that he moved to Spain to continue learning and honing his skills and knowledge.  He truly believes that “the past 10 to 12 years have been the “golden years” of Spanish fine dining.

As a chef, the base of his growth is in tradition and Chef Daniel says he “will always be grateful to my Spanish grandmothers and mother for teaching me the importance of the love for food.” 

A real renaissance man, Chef Daniel finds time to exercise, listen to music and read anything he can get his hands on.  When not improving his mind, he is visiting European cities and dining in the best culinary destinations.

Chef Daniel feels lucky to have always “worked in important kitchens with cooks from different nationalities.”  About those cooks, “some Japanese and Asian, also Latin American, North American and Mexican”, he’s keen to point out that they were “always interested in learning and brainstorming and keen to know different cultures.”  This has made him a more diverse and knowledgeable chef. 

Often on the road, Chef Daniel has made it a habit to carry notebooks for penning cooking ideas and developing recipes.  Asked what his two favourite dishes are, he replies, “If I had to choose today, I will say Gazpacho of Beetroot, Oyster-Smoked Eel and Pistachio.  The highlight is its lightness and freshness.”

Second on his list is “Octopus cooked 92º Sous/Vide, Cabbage, Lomo Iberico, Piment d’espelette Mayonnaise, Piquillos and Olive Oil.  The tenderness and colour achieved and what can be produced in the end is for Chef Quintero the dish’s highlight.  In his words, it is a “very intense and rich taste with the combination of all the elements of the plate.”

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