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The Zhoushan Islands have a long history. Historically referred to as “Haizhongzhou”, or ‘islands in the sea’, the lush, golden sands of the islands sit beneath blue skies, surrounded by an azure ocean and white waves. Zhoushan has over 1000 attractions featuring Buddhist culture, natural scenery, or fishing culture, most of which are scattered among its 23 islands. There are national parks, Putuo Mountain and Shengsi Islands and two provincial parks, Daishan and Taohua Island, and the renowned historic island city of Dinghai.

Arts and Culture
Arts and Culture

Sea Shanty

The term sea shanty refers to a type of folk song popular among the fishermen of Zhoushan Islands. These marine folk songs have been passed down through generations of fishermen and sailors on the islands and are closely tied to fishing boats, transport ships, and the labor of fishermen and sailors on both land and sea. These songs are representative of laborer songs in Zhejiang and across all of China.

Zhoushan Music

Zhoushan music is composed of gongs, drums, cymbals, and suona as a foundation for traditional stringed and woodwind instruments. With majestic volume and bold melodies, these songs create a very lively atmosphere steeped in island culture. After the establishment of the People’s Republic of China, these folk songs gradually evolved into stage performances. Classic tunes include “The Fishermen's Triumphant Song”, “East Sea Fishing Song”, and “Joyous Fishermen”.


Putuo Mountain

Putuo Mountain (Putuoshan) is a sacred Buddhist mountain in China, the bodhimanda of the bodhisattva Guanyin. It was one of the first national parks established in China. Spanning nearly 13 square kilometers, it is shaped like a dragon lying down by the ocean, watching the Zhoushan islands across the sea.

Zhujiajian Island

Zhujiajian Island is one of China’s national parks and a major part of the Zhoushan Islands scenic area. Since 1999, its annual Zhoushan International Sand Sculpture Festival has attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors.


Shenjiamen is located on the southeastern part of the main Zhoushan Island. It is China's largest fishing port and seafood distributor. With fishing boats as far as the eye can see and mountains of fish and shrimp, it offers the truly unique scenery of an island port. After nightfall, the view becomes even more breathtaking, as fishing lamps light up like stars in the sky.


Dongji Island

Dongji island is located at the eastern tip of the Zhoushan Islands. Also referred to as “Lijiang on the Sea”, the island sits on the East China Sea, and was the filming location for the movie “The Continent”.

Shengsi Island

The Shengsi Islands are a national park in China often referred to as “Magical Mountains on the Sea”. The islands are home to over 50 recognized scenic spots, and feature azure oceans, corals, golden sand, and fishing lights.


Intime Department Store

Intime Department Store is the closest shopping center to the hotel, just 1.5km away. The department store supermarket is well stocked with a variety of goods.

The China Zhoushan International Aquatic Product City

The China Zhoushan International Aquatic Product City is about 12 km from the hotel and features four major markets for live, fresh, frozen, and dried seafood, as well as a processing and supporting service area. It is Zhoushan City's first designated seafood shopping center for tourists.

Quick Facts
Quick Facts
Located on the south side of the Yangtze River estuary in the East China Sea along the outer edge of Hangzhou Bay, Zhoushan City is China’s fourth largest island. Surrounded by the ocean, this sunny island has a pleasant climate all year round. The back of Zhoushan faces large cities like Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Ningbo as well as vast stretches of land like the Yangtze River Delta. The front of Zhoushan faces the Pacific Ocean and houses China's largest coastal fishing port. It offers abundant tourism resources. Zhoushan was named “National Health City” and “National Forest City” respectively, ranking high on China’s list of livable cities.
In Zhoushan, taxi and public transportation provide access to various attractions and transportation hubs. In addition, Zhoushan has a comprehensive system of roads connecting it to nearby cities, so it is also an ideal self-driving location.


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