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Yangzhou, known as Guangling, Jiangdu and Weiyang in ancient times, has a long history, bright culture, prosperous commerce and outstanding people.

Yangzhou is the third moon night in the world and the second rogue; Dumu has a Yangzhou dream here for ten years.

"United Nations best Habitat Award", "world food capital", "world canal capital"


Slender West Lake

It is said that Slender West Lake is the good place in China to witness the glorious full moon.

The 4.3-kilometer lake meanders through picturesque surroundings synonymous to that of a Chinese scroll painting, rewarding visitors with charming views of Spring Willows and Xuyuan Garden.

Daming Temple

Daming Temple was built in the Nan Dynasty and encapsulates great historical and cultural importance. For this reason, it has been a prominent tourist attraction for hundreds of years.

Walk by elegant pavilions, lush trees and a medley of flowers before arriving at the spectacular Qiling Tower. At 70 meters high, it is an ideal place to take in the enchanting scenery.

Quick Facts
Quick Facts

Yangzhou sits at the confluence of Yangtze River and the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, in the south of Jiangsu Province.

The city is a cultural haven with historical assets dating back over 2,000 years. Endless waterways, tastefully landscaped gardens and diverse architecture have made Yangzhou one of China's destinations.


Ge Garden

Located on Dongguan Street, Ge Garden is known for its unique blend of bamboo and rocks, creating a garden unlike any other in the country. It was built during the Qing Dynasty and until today, continues to be one of the famous gardens in China.

Visitors to this majestic garden marvel at the millions of towering bamboo trees and experience the seasons' changes at the Four-Season Rockery - layers of rocks piled and shaped to depict scenes from the different seasons.

He Garden

Covering more than 14,000 sqm, He Garden - also known as "Ji Xiao Villa" - is the former site of "Shuanghuai Garden" during the Qing Dynasty. It then became the back garden of the He family, who skillfully fused an oriental charm with characteristics of western architecture.

As with all gardens in Yangzhou, He Garden also boasts an elegant array of flora and fauna including plum blossom, laurel blossom, peony, maple trees and phoenix trees.


Shangri-La Hotel, Yangzhou, is a 30-minute drive from Yangzhou Taizhou Airport and 5 minutes from the railway station. The Conference and Exhibition Centre is just steps away while the city centre and Slender West Lake are accessible within 15 minutes by car.

Whether arranging a private car, handling a taxi or making arrangements to visit city attractions, the hotel Concierge will ensure you arrive at your selected destination comfortable and on time.

Arts and Culture
Arts and Culture

Dongguan Old Street

Dongguan Old Shopping Street was the bustling commercial centre of ancient Yangzhou. It starts at Dongquanmen - the historic east gate - and stretches 1,100 meters.

Today, it is a street of great history and rich culture. Handicraft shops are filled with quaint Yangzhou creations including skillfully-carved lacquer ware and delicate paper-cuttings, a remarkable keepsake for every visitor.


Yangzhou Golden Eagle International Shopping Centre

Located at the city centre and covering more than 40,000 sqm, Golden Eagle is the leading shopping mall for your fill of local and overseas brands.


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