Explore Yangon
Explore Yangon

Formerly known as Rangoon, Yangon is the large and metropolitan city in Myanmar. A great majority of Myanmar's imports and exports travelling through Yangon make the city an important economic hub for the region.

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Shwedegon Pagoda

Shwedegon Pagoda is the sacred Buddhist pagoda in all of Burma. It holds this significant position as the relics of the past four Buddha’s are housed within its premises.

These are the water filter of Konagama, a piece of the robe of Kassapa, the staff of Kakusansha, and eight hairs of the last Buddha, Gautama.

Guests at Sule Shangri-La, Yangon, will have ample opportunity to access this vital destination due to the hotel’s proximity to vital transport links.


People’s Park

People’s Park occupies over 130 acres of land between Shwedegon Pagoda and the Parliament House. Besides offering an opportunity to unwind, there is a museum housing life-sized models of native citizens in their colourful dress along with displays of local flora and fauna.

The restaurant within the park serves excellent Burmese, Chinese and European fare.

Arts & Culture
Arts & Culture

Gem Museum

Burma is famous for its jade, rubies, sapphires and natural pearls. The Gem Museum in Yangon is an excellent place to both view and buy these precious stones.

National Museum

The main museum of Burmese art, history and culture houses an impressive range of ancient artefacts, works of art, ornaments, inscriptions and historic memorabilia.

Officially opened in June 1952, a visit to this museum will present travellers with a revealing glimpse into the past and traditions of Burma.


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