Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility
Shangri-la Wuhan has always wanted to contribute to the community through practical actions and to bring its employees together to contribute to the public welfare.
On the morning of 6 March 2016, Shangri-La Hotel, Wuhan organised tree-planting activities for its Chinese and foreign guests, management team and staff - who together took the subway line 3 to the Wuhan Citizens Home.
“Planting trees is a beneficial action for our next generation.”
A group of more than 30 people took the subway to participate in the hotel’s first social activity in 2016 - to plant trees together.  The activity is a practical action to put into practice the hotel's green environmental protection ideas. Everyone used the hotel’s customised version of Wuhan Tong to take the metro. After a 1-minute walk to the subway entrance and 10 minutes' drive, the people arrived at the planting venue.
At Wuhan Citizens Home, everybody worked with enthusiasm. What they planted is a symbol of friendship and hope - the Wuhan city tree: metasequoia. This activity not only set an example for the next generation, but also demonstrates environmental protection without borders.
On site, media recorded the creation of a low carbon footprint lifestyle, sharing a harmonious picture of the green homes.
Shangri-La Hotel, Wuhan is in the pursuit of good economic benefits with a high degree of corporate social responsibility and carries out sustainable green development for business purposes. It not only pays attention to energy conservation and emissions reduction in its daily operations, but also actively carries out a variety of public welfare activities, such as planting trees, Earth Hour participation and more - demonstrating the concept of "environmental protection" in others. 


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