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Tainan is the oldest city in Taiwan. It is well known for its numerous temples and significant historical sites, more than 50 of which are officially listed as national treasures.

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Chikan Tower

Meaning “eternity” in Dutch, Chikan Tower is regarded as one of Taiwan’s major tourist attractions. Known as Provintia during the early years, the tower was constructed in 1653 by the Dutch. However it was renamed as ‘the tower of savages’ or ‘tower of the red haired Barbarians’ by the Han Chinese.

It is said that ‘the sunset in Chikan Tower’ is among Taiwan’s eight best and famous scenic views. 

Anping Old Fort

It took nearly 10 years of hard work to construct the impressive Fort Zeelandia in the town Anping of Tainan. This noteworthy fortress, which was built by the Dutch during 1624–1634, is a clear reminder of colonial rule in the country. Fort Zeelandia or Anping Old Fort is positioned about 16 kilometres from the Essequibo River.

While enjoying the spectacular views of the Suriname River, visitors can easily enjoy a walk throughout the fort and explore its unique surroundings and history.

Quick Facts
Quick Facts
Tainan, the ancient capital of Taiwan, is situated on the southern coastal plains of the island.  The city is Taiwan’s oldest and fourth-largest city. Tainan is well-known for its many historical sites, with more than 50 of them being listed as national treasures.  In addition, many native Taiwanese cuisines originate from Tainan.

Chengda Shopping District

The Chengda Shopping District in Tainan is famous for offering a wide choice of outdoor dining venues that serve up great food amidst peaceful surroundings. 


One of the popular places to shop in Tainan is at the famous Mitsukoshi. Mitsukoshi Tainan New Life Square is currently the largest Mitsukoshi department store, and offers an outstanding array of fashion and luxury products.

Siaobei Tourist Night Market

Siaobei Tourist Night Market, also known as Tainan’s Snack Food Central, is one of the popular night markets. With over 200 food stalls selling a mouth-watering array of local food, Siaobei attracts large numbers of visitors both local and foreign.  Some of the local delicacies served here include eel noodles, marlin soup, rice cakes and much more.


Shangri-La's Far Eastern, Tainan's convenient location puts the visitor within walking distance of the city's main railway and bus stations.

Tainan's domestic airport and Taiwan High Speed Railway (THSR) station are just a 15-minute and 25-minute drive away respectively. Kaohsiung International Airport is a 60 to 90-minute drive, depending on traffic conditions.


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