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Futian Shangri-La, Shenzhen, is located in the central district of Futian. It is a short walk from retail malls, entertainment centres and commercial towers.

From the hotel, guests can enjoy easy access to famous sights and sounds that capture the atmosphere of a dynamic city.


Chiwan Tianhou Temple
Chiwan Road 6, Nanshan District 

Tianhou is the Chinese goddess of the sea in coastal regions. The Tianhou Temple in Chiwan is the most splendid one in Shenzhen.

Dapeng Fortress
Dapeng Subdistrict, Longgang Distric 

The most complete military fortress of the Ming Dynasty in South China. The fortress was built in 1394 to safeguard an area that is now part of Hong Kong and the eastern part of Shenzhen.

Siyue Library
Laojie Cultural Square, Luohu District 

The Qing-style library is a snapshot of the city’s past. It is a history museum which open to the public. Siyue Library was originally a schoolhouse during the Qing Dynasty and rebuilt by the government in 1999.

Splendid China
China Folk Culture Villages
Overseas Chinese Town, Nanshan District  

Spread over 30 hectares, Splendid China is a big miniature town and focuses on all Chinese architecture, food and folk culture. China Folk Culture Villages is a sister park of Splendid China. It highlights Chinese folk art and customs.

Happy Valley
Qiaocheng Road West, Overseas Chinese Town 

This Chinese version of Disneyland has nine themed sections, including Happy Time, Spanish Plaza, Cartoon City, Adventure Hill, Hurricane Bay, Gold Mine Town, Maya Water Park, Sunshine Coast and Shangri-La Forest.


Wutong Mountain

Luoshan Road, Luohu District

The high mountain in Shenzhen, reaching 944 metres in height. It is regarded as a beautiful hiking spot in Shenzhen.

Dameisha & Xiaomeisha Beach Resort 

Dameisha, Yantian Distrcit

An attractive place for summer vacation which open to the public, it draws thousands of young people to the beach. Activities like water sports, bungee jumping and barbecue are available.

Mission Hills Golf Club 

Subdistrict, Bao’an District

As a big golf club, it combines golfing with leisure, business and life style activities. Apart from golf, it offers other sports, such as archery, snooker and cycling.

Baguang Village 

East Kuiyong Subdistrict, Longgang Distrct

Located in Yantian District alongside Daya Bay, the village is well protected by the local people which live in a collection of 18 small villages.

Arts & Culture
Arts & Culture

Civil Center 

600m/ 20 min’s walk

Located at the Futian CBD centre, it is actually the office building for the Shenzhen government. With its roof extending 486 meters east to west, the architecture resembles the flying wing of the roc.

CBD Cultural Center 

1km / 5 min’s taxi ride

The CBD Cultural Center is filled with the main cultural symbols of the city, including Shenzhen Concert Hall, Shenzhen Museum, Shenzhen Library and Book City.


East of Overseas Chinese Town, Nanshan District

Built in a former factory building, OCT-LOFT is a complex that comprises a contemporary art center, galleries, art studios and bars.

Dafen Oil Painting Village 

Dafen Community, Longgang District 

The world’s largest mass-producer of oil paintings over the past 20 years. Meandering through the narrow lanes, visitor will be able to smell the scent of oil paintings and enjoy soft classical music. 

Window of the World 

Qiaocheng Road West, OCT, Nanshan District

Another miniature park with the theme of the world’s wonders. The replicas are built at ratios of 1:1, 1:5 or 1:15. It is an astonishing experience to see the world within the theme park.


Central Walk, Link City 

180m/5 min’s walk

Located between Futian Shangri-La and the Convention and Exhibition Center, it contains supermarkets, fashion stores and restaurants.

Carrefour, Central Walk 

180m/5 min’s walk

Located at the underground of Central Walk, Carrefour provides guests with a wide selection of food and daily necessities.


645m/10 mins’ walk

One of the largest and most fashionable night-life venues and shopping malls in Shenzhen, the bar street, wraps along one sidewalk around the building. It is usually packed with young people.

One Avenue

1100m/18mins’ walk

With a facade composed, envisioned as a piece of colourful ribbon floating in the concrete jungle at night, it is one of the latest upscale complexes in Shenzhen offering all-in-one unique retail experiences.


Coco Park, Bar Street 

350m/8 min’s walk

A large and fashionable nightlife venue in Shenzhen, the bar street wraps along one sidewalk around the building. It is often packed with young people.


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