Road Construction Notice: Kindly remind: Temporary traffic prohibition will be in place at Shimao road nearby hotel due to road construction reason from 22:00 2nd Mar, till 23:59 14th Mar 2024. During this period, please enter/exit hotel from Cuilin Road by car. Walking or taking public transport will not be affected. Please plan your trip in advance to avoid schedule delay. C Please click here.
Modernity meets tradition in Nanchang 
Enjoy luxurious Asian hospitality that is heartwarming - you have arrived at Shangri-La Nanchang. The hotel is the base from which to experience the heroic city with a glorious revolutionary tradition.
Arriving at your room, you are drawn to the window where you are rewarded with a stunning view of the Ganjiang River, watch TV and enjoy the music, cheers in room. You also notice that the interiors are designed with elegant décor and artwork.