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Shangri-La Hotel, Hangzhou, is located just five minutes from downtown Hangzhou.

The luxury hotel sits directly beside Hangzhou's scenic attraction, West Lake. As the highlight of the city, it has inspired poets, painters and artists for centuries.

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Long Jing Tea Plantation

Taking advantage of its geographic location and mild climate, Hangzhou has come to be known as "The Home of Silk and Tea".

The Long Jing ("Dragon Well") green tea produced in Hangzhou is world renowned for its exceptional colour, fragrance and taste. On display at the tea museum adjacent to the plantation is the history of Chinese tea.

Quick Facts
Quick Facts

Hangzhou is the capital of the Zhejiang province, located in eastern China. It is home to some of China's best-known attractions, including the picturesque West Lake.

The surrounding area is dotted with temples and pavilions, bringing the area's rich history to life at every turn.


West Lake

Hangzhou is popular all over the world for its West Lake which is surrounded by many important historical sites. It is a well known saying that China has 36 West Lakes, but one of the magnificent one is in Hangzhou.

The West Lake comes with an average depth of merely five feet  and was a much-loved imperial retreat. As such, this amazing water wonderland has been a famous attraction since ancient times.

Many noteworthy Chinese tourist attractions such as the Ling Yin Temple, Fei Lai Feng, the Mausoleum of General Yue Fei, Six Harmonies Pagoda and the National Silk Museum are located close to the West Lake Hangzhou.

Feilai Peak

Feilai Peak is a must see attraction. It is a 700-feet tall limestone mountain completely different from the surrounding sandstone mountains.

Over 330 different stone statues built during the 10th to the 14th centuries are sheltered by the caves of the mountain. There are different statues at Feilai Peak, the notable being that of the Laughing Buddha.

Located near the financial district, Shangri-La Hotel, Hangzhou, is an excellent hub from which to experience the city.
Arts & Culture
Arts & Culture

China National Silk Museum

Renowned as the world’s largest Silk Museum, the China National Silk Museum was founded in February 1992. Positioned in East China's Zhejiang Province, the museum is dedicated to the heritage of silk making in China.

The silk culture of China dates back to more than 5000 years. The China National Silk Museum is the first museum specializing in silk in the country. The museum boasts a total exhibition space of 50,000 sqm.

Among the museum’s prominent displays are the three world famous Silk routes through desert, sea and land. The exhibits also include important facts about silk making and silk products from the different dynasties.

Lingyin Temple

Built in 326 A.D., Lingyin Temple is one of China’s admired Buddhist monasteries and one of the country’s ten prominent Buddhist temples.

The temple was named a protected site in 1961 due to its immense cultural and historical significance. The temple is also a centre for research on the Buddhist culture of China.


Hangzhou is an important silk centre, and offers a fine selection of silk textiles, satin, brocade and embroideries. Local glassware is also a must buy.

A visit to the world-famous Long Jing (Dragon Well) Tea Plantation is a must, as is the night market with all sorts of trinkets and souvenirs for sale.


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