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With 16 function rooms, guests are spoilt for choice from venue picks and menu selection crafted by our culinary team.​ ​

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Experience It
Experience It

Meetings, conferences and conventions are a time for teams to engage in the minds towards shared goals and collective success.

At Edsa Shangri-La, Manila, we believe that caring for the environment and for people is among our key priorities and service commitments. It is with these objectives that we have created special meeting packages where teams can promote and support corporate social responsibility and meaningful advocacies.

From packaging, minimising paper set-up, eliminating single use plastic, and using locally sourced or produced ingredients for the menu, every element have been designed to ensure that our approach remains sustainable and socially responsible.

Our events specialists may also include a field trip to one of our adopted communities where we invite you to take an active participation towards our feeding program. Our team remains dedicated towards customising events to meet the client’s objectives and as we collaborate towards a successful production, consider supporting less fortunate communities and protect the environment. ​

For enquiries, please call us at (63 2) 633 8888 extension 2895 or email [email protected].

Squad Goals
Squad Goals
Planning for your next teambuilding exercise? Our dedicated events team is on the ready to get you fired up as we create memorable experiences that bring teams closer together.

Squad Goals themes:

Go for the gold with some fun and competitive games. Compete in your own mini-Olympics and collect your bling of choice from gold, silver, and bronze medals through activities developed to test your skills in an environment filled with fun and stimulating challenges.

Eco Work
Conservation is key with sustainability in mind, you may gain a better understanding of the eco-footprint being left on today's world. Eco-themed games will help teams learn more about leadership, communication and trust.
Earn points by outperforming other teams in each task and gain a better understanding of how to maximize your resources.

Survivor Tropicana
Inspired by the long-running Survivor game, Tropicana style, presents engaging programs with task cards, treasure chest, survival props, score board, and map!


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Event Spaces
Event Spaces
Find an event space that can cater to your event requirements
Request For Proposal
Request For Proposal
We provide fabulous event planning, helping you to fulfil your aspirational dream. Our highly professional concierge will have the honour to serve you after you completed the information.