Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility
Kowloon Shangri-La, Hong Kong has brought new educational experiences to multi-disabled students from the Ebenezer School and the Home for the Visually Impaired, organisations both under the care of Christian Action.

Two interactive events were organised – a cupcake baking class at the hotel and an Easter egg decorating session at Ebenezer. Through collaboration with staff volunteers, the imagination and creativity of the visually impaired children are always ignited.
A New Kind Of Education
A New Kind Of Education

Never too early to start being a hotelier  

Eleven of our hotel’s colleagues have given lectures to 140 students in the areas of housekeeping, front office operations and food and beverage, at the four training centres of Cristian Action. Forty students were involved in a specially-designed training programme at the hotel, where they gained hands-on experience working as casual workers, and three have now been hired as longer-term workers, reinforcing morale and dignity! Though visually impaired, the students of Ebenezer School can feel, smell, touch and sense the ingredients used to decorate cupcakes and Easter eggs, and translate the verbal descriptions they hear from 32 staff volunteers into their imagination and creativity. The energy they give and receive from the interaction with staff volunteers is invaluable.

Onward and forward…

The hotel will continue to focus on capacity-building, providing platforms for self-sustainability, helping others to help themselves, and inspiring others to pave their own way. Classes such as interviewing skills and resume writing workshops, job search and interpersonal skills training, have been planned to prepare the young adults for youth pre-employment. The hotel is currently working on a curriculum and possible job placements for outstanding students within its operations.

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