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Advance bookings are recommended. Please send an email or visit CHl, The Spa should you wish to book or discuss areservation. Please be advised that massages are only availablefor pregnant women in their second or third trimester.


The spa is an adult-only facility; the minimum age for treatmentsis 18 years. Children aged 12 years and older may undergo a spatreatment if they have a signed parental consent form. Pleasespeak with one of our receptionists for further information.


In consideration of other spa guests, we request that notice beqiven at least 4 hours in advance if you are unable to keep yourappointment. Please call our staff, who will be happy to help youreschedule.No-shows or appointments cancelled within 4 hoursof the scheduled treatment time will incur a cancellation feeequal to 100% of the scheduled treatment.
lf you arrive late, we will endeavour to carry out your fulltreatment. However, please note that should there be anotherbooking immediately afterward yours, your treatment may needto be shortened with no reduction in price.


There is no need to bring or wear any special clothing. Slippersand a bathrobe will be provided. Please do not bring valuables tothe spa. The hotel and spa are not responsible for lost or stolenitems.


For the comfort of other spa guests, please ensure yourelectronic devices are switched off upon entering CHl, The Spa.


To make the most of your spa experience, please arrive at least10min before your appointment. Upon your arrival, you will beasked to complete a health consultation form. Please inform thereceptionist if you are pregnant or have any health issuesOur receptionists are experienced in all treatments and would bedelighted to assist you in planning your spa experienceregardless of if you are staying in the hotel or living in the city.


For ladies, no preparation is necessary. For men, we recommendshaving no less than two hours prior to having a facial formaximum comfort and benefit to the skin. Other treatmentsrequire no preparation.


Your personal privacy will be protected at all times during yourtreatment. Your therapist will ensure that you are professionallydraped, covering all parts of the body not being treated.


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