Futuristic architecture
28 floors of premium office space
The office tower, taking shape in futuristic architecture, consists of 28 floors of premium office space, with a total gross floor area of 45,000 square metres.  The tower is complemented with the latest advancements in construction and technology – including elevated floor platforms for invisible wiring, back-up electricity, 24-hour air conditioning to cater to the needs of your computer facilities, central air conditioning with individual temperature control in various zones, and the latest Internet connectivity.  12 high‑speed passenger lifts means smooth people flow, especially during peak office hours.  There are about 450 parking spaces to serve visitors to the hotel and office tower.
Modern and Advanced technology


12 high-speed Toshiba passengers lifts; maximum speed 5 metres/second.

VAV System

Designed for a cooling load of 75 tons per floor; variable air volume air conditioning system; pre-treated fresh air by a primary air unit; 24-hour condensing water supply available for equipment cooling.


Electricity loading per floor is designed at 80VA per square metre; a 200 amp 3‑phase MCCB "plug-in" unit is provided for each floor.

Fire Services

An automatic fire detection and alarm system, fire hydrants, and a sprinkler system are provided.

BMS System

A computer-based, automated facilities management system monitors and supervises all building, fire, lift and safety services.  The system also controls the lighting levels of the main lobby and adjusts air conditioning temperatures to ensure environmental comfort and safety at all times while maintaining energy efficiency.

Face Recognition Gate System

There is a face recognition gate system in the lobby.

Raised Floor

Each floor tile is 600mm x 600mm square and in the region of 150mm above the structural floor slab.

Legendary service will be the keystone
Legendary service will be the keystone

Shangri-La's legendary service will be the keystone to every dimension of the Shangri-La Centre, Chengdu experience.  A team of highly trained professional staff is in place to meet all your needs with genuine care and personalised attention.

A 24-hour round-the-clock security service and a professional office concierge service give you every convenience and satisfaction in your business and social schedule.

Shangri-La Centre, Chengdu
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Floor Plans

Floor Height

4 metres (net), maximum 2.6m below false ceiling.