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Utilising its vast
Diverse experience in mixed-use complexes in China

The management team of the Shangri-La Group is utilising its vast and diverse experience in mixed-use complexes in China, and team members have created successful commercial projects throughout the country. The team’s project management skills provide the ultimate assurance of commitment to quality at every level.

The Shangri-La Centre, Qingdao combines the efficiency of an office environment with all of the comforts of a five-star hotel and modern shopping centre to create and establish a fantastic landmark building with office facilities, business travel accommodation, shopping and leisure activities in Qingdao.

A Lifeful Coastal City
Beautiful scenery, a pleasant climate, a winding coastline and picturesque mountains make Qingdao a vast city in China in terms of the living environment.  The city’s famous natural harbour and excellent transportation links have contributed to Qingdao’s rise to become an economically dynamic and vibrant city in China. Qingdao was also home to the sailing events of the 2008 Olympics and the host city of 2018 Shanghai Cooperation Organization Qingdao Summit.
Office Tower
Premium Office Environment
Five-Star Supporting Facilities
The Shangri-La Centre, Qingdao is a world-class Grade A office building consisting of 24 floors of premium office space, with a total gross area of 32,000 square metres.  The office tower has a superior design and it is equipped with modern facilities to serve and support any type of company, local or from abroad.  The efficiency rate of the office building is up to 72%.  9 high-speed passenger lifts keep the people moving during peak hours.  There are about 700 parking spaces to serve visitors to the hotel and Office.
Shopping Arcade
Dining in Style and Quality Shopping
You can shop for sophisticated styles of fashion and accessories at the Shangri-La Centre, Qingdao.  The modern arcade provides a nice ambience for lively business lunches or for gatherings at night that are more intimate, catered to meet the desires of everyone.
Shangri-La Centre, Qingdao
9 Xiang Gang Zhong Lu
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