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Shangri-La Centre, Wuhan total area 42,000 sqm, 23 floors above ground, 2 floors below. It integrates cutting-edge technological applications and user-centric efficient designs, and further enhanced by the seamless implementation of five-star hotel property service. Office efficiency rate up to 70%, facilitated by nine high-speed elevators that ensure smooth and unhindered flow of transportation. Moreover, around 370 parking spaces are conveniently available for shared use by both hotel guests and office guests.
Smart BA System

Nine high-speed Hitachi elevators, speeds reach to 2.5m/s

Four-Pipe Central AC System And Pre-Treatment Fresh Air System
Provide both heating and cooling functions, complete with PM2.5 filtration devices. Each floor receives a fresh air volume of up to 6,700 cubic meters per hour. Also features a dual-circuit power supply for its 24-hour cooling water supply system.

Specialized double circuit 10 kV line. The capacity of standard floor switch is 116 kW and reserved an emergency power interface of 630 A, two 1250 kVA backup generators.

Fire Protection System
Includes sprinkler systems, gas fire suppression systems, portable fire extinguishers, smoke control systems, and automatic fire alarm systems.

Centralized Automatic Control System
Regulate lighting and temperature in each floor for optimal energy efficiency.

Facial Recognition Access System
Smart elevator dispatching technology installed at the entrance.

Structural Platform Level
Each elevated platform measures around 600 mm x 600 mm in size and is raised by 130 mm, it can withstand loads up to3 kN/sqm.

Legendary service will be the keystone
Legendary service will be the keystone

Shangri-La's legendary service will be the keystone to every dimension of the Shangri-La Centre, Wuhan experience.  A team of highly trained professional staff is in place to meet all your needs with genuine care and personalised attention.

A 24-hour round-the-clock security service and a professional office concierge service give you every convenience and satisfaction in your business and social schedule.

Shangri-La Centre, Wuhan
700 Jianshe Avenue Hankou, Wuhan
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Floor Plans

Floor Height
4.2 m, net height about 2.8 m