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Geographical Centre of China

Wuhan, the capital city of Hubei Province and a pivotal urban centre in China's central region designated by the State Council. Wuhan serves as a significant industrial base, scientific and educational nucleus, and comprehensive transportation hub within the nation. According to the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), Wuhan is accelerating to build a national central city supported by four major functions: a national economic centre, a high-level scientific and technological innovation centre, a commerce and logistics centre and an international communication centre.

New landmark on Wuhan Financial Street
Located on the main road of Jianshe Avenue, Shangri-La Centre, Wuhan is in the core area of Wuhan Financial Street, with a superior geographical location, which easily access to three subway lines (Line 3, Line 6 and Line 7), surrounded by five business circles, adjacent to Baodao Park and Wuhan Library, enjoys the core resources of the city, such as government administrative agencies, financial institutions, Chinese and foreign banks.
Shangri-La Centre, Wuhan
700 Jianshe Avenue Hankou, Wuhan
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Floor Height
4.2 m, net height about 2.8 m