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Diqing is an autonomous prefecture in Yunnan Province that is described as "Home to the country of Shangri-La". Located 3,300 metres above sea level, the area is rich in natural resources and has great natural beauty.

Local Climate
Month High Low
Jan 4.1°C -6.2°C
Feb 4.5°C -5°C
Mar 6.8°C -2.4°C
Apr 10.1°C 0.6°C
May 15.0°C 4.7°C
Jun 17.9°C 8.6°C
Jul 18.1°C 9.6°C
Aug 17.7°C 9.4°C
Sep 15.9°C 7.7°C
Oct 12.8°C 3.3°C
Nov 8.8°C -1.6°C
Dec 5.6°C -5°C