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Attractions for travellers

With over 600 years of history as a city, Tianjin was once home to eight military forces, including France, Britain, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Russia, Japan, Italy and Belgium.

Each of these nations left their mark on the city and today, Tianjin is famous for the architecture of châteaux and grand villas left behind by the foreign powers. These buildings are protected heritage sites and are generally well-preserved.

A short walk from the hotel is the impressive Haihe River, where the the city’s development began. This is one of the city’s spectacular sights, with the Tianjin Eye shining on the horizon. Relax after a long day and leave the bustling city behind as you unwind at Shangri-La Tianjin.

Shangri-La Tianjin is located within Tianjin Kerry Centre and is connected to the Riverview Place shopping mall with dining and entertainment options, including a cinema and an ice-skating rink. 

Local Climate
Month High Low
Jan 1.8ºC -7.5ºC
Feb 5ºC -4.9ºC
Mar 11.7ºC 1.3ºC
Apr 20.5ºC 8.9ºC
May 26.1ºC 14.6ºC
Jun 30.1ºC 19.7ºC
Jul 31ºC 22.7ºC
Aug 30.2ºC 21.9ºC
Sep 26.3ºC 16.4ºC
Oct 19.7ºC 9.3ºC
Nov 10.6ºC 1.3ºC
Dec 3.9ºC -4.9ºC