Shanghai Pavilion

Flavours prepared with heart

Chef Shen is a specialist in Zhejiang cuisine, preparing each and every dish with his heart, displaying his warmth as well as his exquisite culinary skills.

Braised Crucian Carp in Soybean Sauce

Chef Shen’s twist on this traditional Zhejiang dish has the fish marinated in lemon juice to soften the bones. The fish is presented crispy, in Shang Pavilion’s signature sweet sauce.

Sliced Pork Belly Pyramid Layered with Pickles

Carefully selected pork belly with flawless skin is seasoned with soy and garlic, layered in a pyramid and filled with home-made Hakka pickles from Miaoli, Taiwan.

Longan Fruit wrapped with Sliced Lotus Root

Using Tainan’s abundance of lotus roots and longans, Chef Shen has created this beautiful bouquet of a dessert. Paper-thin slices of lotus root are marinated with fresh passion fruit juice and rolled with longan fruit into a lotus flower.


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