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Искусство высокой кухни Японии с видом

Nestled within the illustrious Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore, NAMI Restaurant & Bar showcases perfectly balanced culinary creations that stay true to authentic Japanese cuisine, harmonised with international influences.

The restaurant currently operates from the State Room located at the Valley Wing, and guests are invited to immerse in a splendid, diversified dining experience with Japanese chef, Yutaro San, and omotenashi (Japanese hospitality) from the heart.

Under the leadership of Chef Yutaro Tsuchiya who has decades of experience and exposure to distinct influences from overseas working experiences and travels, the repertoire of gastronomic delights at NAMI showcases a mindful balance of the art of Japanese cuisine with international influences as techniques and flavours that Chef Yutaro has discovered from his exploration of different cultures are incorporated into the culinary creations. From slicing techniques to unique marinades, the culinary team’s craft of treating each ingredient differently with skill brings out the best of each produce.

Hailing from Yokosuka, Yokohama, Chef Yutaro was raised near the sea, laying the foundation for his expertise in handling seafood and his deep-rooted appreciation for fresh seasonal produce, which forms the heart of the restaurant’s identity today. NAMI, which means wave in Japanese, transports the pulse of the sea from Japan to diners in Singapore with an unrelenting dedication to seasonality, flying in seasonal fresh catches from Japan frequently as the delicacies are available.

Guests can look forward to savouring quality produce at their peak in a la carte selections as well as curated set menus that are updated frequently to present only the best that are in season.


(65) 6213 4398


Level 24, Tower Wing
(Temporarily relocated to Origin Grill, Tower Wing)

Часы работы

12pm – 2.30pm
(Tuesday to Sunday)

6pm - 10pm
(Tuesday to Sunday)

Форма одежды

Опрятная повседневная одежда

Правила, касающиеся курения

В NAMI курить запрещено.