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Sense of Place

This treatment reflects a true sense of the Philippines, using local ingredients, botanical products and recipes combined with spa treatments for well-being.

Philippine Hilot

An authentic massage that focuses on ancient diagnostic methods passed on with the wisdom of generations of Philippine culture. As warmed coconut oil and banana leaves are placed over the body, allow the healing hands of the Hilot to detect areas of energy imbalance and blockages in your body.

Duration Single
1hr PHP 3,200
1hr 30mins PHP 4,500
2hrs PHP 5,500

Himbing Trilogy

Meaning “deep slumber,” these three heavenly combinations will surely lull one to sleep. Combining three distinctive Philippine tropical treatments specially created to soothe, renew and relax.

  • Philippine Coconut Scrub with Mayo Wrap
  • Gugo Hair Treatment
  • Philippine Herbal Bath
  • Philippine Hilot Massage
Duration Single
3hrs PHP 8,500

Secrets of the Sea

A journey harnessing the healing properties of the sea through sound, scent and the lulling touch of the therapists. Customise your indulgent tropical escape to include a dead sea salt scrub, seaweed wrap and a rhythmic forearm massage done in symphony.

Duration Single
90 mins PHP 8,500

Prices are quoted in Philippine pesos, include government taxes and are subject to a 10% service charge. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.