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Shangri-La Hotel, Wuhan ceremonious roll out “Admire in the new flower city “Weekend Package

From 20 April 2014 to 28 February 2015, Shangri-La Hotel, Wuhan formally rolls out the “Admire in the new flower city” weekend package.  Visitors will experience Shangri-La’s high-quality service and enjoy city views of Wuhan’s blooms at the rate of RMB 788 per night. Guests are also entitled to late check-out and 20 percent food and beverage discount or buffet breakfast and broadband Internet services Children under 12 years old may stay with their parents.  Guests will receive grinding mountain scenic spot tickets or two tickets to Wuhan botanical garden.

Wuhan has four distinctive seasons, during which flowers blossom every month throughout the year. Sakura and azaleas bloom in spring, lotus and water lily in summer chrysanthemum and sweet-scented osmanthus in autumn and plum and calyx canthus blossom in winter.  These “five golden flowers” – plum, sakura, azaleas, peony and lotus – are cultivated in different areas and are widely recognised in the market and by tourists. Wuhan’s geographical location has also created a brilliant and spectacular city atmosphere, giving its landscape the appearance of colourful butterflies dancing among the flowers.

In all of nature, humans are more likely to acknowledge and love beautiful flowers.  Wuhan is the place to really fall in love with flowers. Its complicated topography and climate create a rich diversity of flower species and coated sustained.  In addition to Wuhan’s “five golden flowers”, guests will also enjoy the noble and elegant orchid, enchanting flamboyant peach blossom, blooming and rank rape flower, tulip, fragrant and charmingly sweet osmanthus, beautiful and refined chrysanthemum and many more. Wuhan is clearly a full four-season flower city.  The blossoms all over the River City make for wonderful scenery.




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