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Shangri-La Hotel, Harbin, Together with Yongsheng Primary School Held a New Playground Launching Ceremony

On 9 September 2016, one day before Teacher’s Day, Shangri-La Hotel,Harbin together with the teachers and students of Yongsheng Primary School held a special opening ceremony to launch their new playground. With smiles on their faces, the students were full of vigor to welcome the new semester.
The children, whose red scarfs fluttering in their chests, looked at the bright five-star red flag rising at the beginning of the ceremony. Led by the General Managers from Shangri-La Hotel, Harbin and Songbei Shangri-La, Harbin, the members of hotel embrace project watched the flag raising slowly and flying in the blue sky.
The ribbon-cutting ceremony was conducted in a joy atmosphere. The representatives of good students who carried the tray with balls, stood beside their big friends from Shangri-La Hotels. When the ribbons were cut by golden scissors, the new playground were launched officially. The audience bursted into warm applause. The children have finally achieved their long-standing desire to own a new and beautiful playground!
Since 2014, when Shangri-La Hotel, Harbin started their embrace project with Yongsheng Primary School, the hotel is committed to improving the school’s campus environment and teaching equipment, and make effort to create opportunities  for the children to broaden their horizons. The hotel added a campus radio system for the school, purchased bookshelves and books for each grade, brought children to the space museum and the university, and invited children to participate in various activities in two years. 
The launch of the new playground completed the greatest wish of the children. Two years ago, the school’s playground was in a bad condition due to disrepair, strong winds and rain erosion.  The bricks were exposed and the surface of the old playground was not even. The students often fell and twisted their feet. There are a lot of weeds in spring and very muddy in rainy season.  The children no longer have to worry about it again!
As an active performer of corporate social responsibility, Shangri-La Hotel, Harbin will continue to deliver love and create a better growing environment to the children of Yongsheng Primary School.

シャングリ・ラ ホテルズ&リゾーツは、さまざまなステークホルダーの関心のバランスをとりながら、経済的、社会的、そして環境的な責任を持った運営に専念し続けています。企業レベルによる企業の社会的責任(CSR)委員会は、コーポレート・シティズンシップ(社会の一員としての企業の責任・義務)や環境維持開発におけるリーダー的存在を目指しながら、環境、健康と安全、社員、サプライヤー、ステークホルダーとのかかわりといった戦略的分野における企業としての取り組みを促進しています。サステナビリティの取り組みのもと、シャングリ・ラの社会的責任プログラムは、「エンブレイス」と「サンクチュアリ」の主要部分として実施されています。「エンブレイス」は、恵まれない地域社会における最高レベルの教育や健康支援を促進することを目指す、シャングリ・ラのケア・フォー・ピープル・プロジェクトに重点を置いています。シャングリ・ラのケア・フォー・ネイチャー・プロジェクトに集中する「サンクチュアリ」プログラムは、生物多様性の保護や回復を促進しています。詳細に関しましては、ウェブサイトのCSRセクションをご覧ください。


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