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Molecular Cuisine at RIBS

Molecular Cuisine at RIBS

Guangzhou, 8 Oct, 2016—RIBS will take Canton gourmet fans on an adventure of molecular cuisine on 9th and 10th December, 2016. Visiting chef from the Hong Kong based 3-star Michelin restaurant Bo Innovation, Dave Yu will present cutting edge culinary techniques that blend modern science with centuries old recipes. With an eight course set menu on molecular Chinese cuisine in an American style restaurant with open kitchen, one can expect nothing but extraordinary when the Wild West meets the fearless X-Treme Chinese culinary art. 


Having said that, one may still baffle as to how Ribs, although a restaurant that is designed for multiple culinary possibilities, ventures with Bo Innovation which is known for its audacity in transforming traditional Chinese recipes. It does have a lot to do with RIBS’ DNA. 


For a start a Western kitchen is more susceptible to molecular gastronomy from a technical perspective. For those who have been to RIBS will immediately recognize it as a stress-free place for social gatherings. The simple modern layout with an unobstructed view of the entire kitchen encourages open communications between the chefs and the guests. By the side of the restaurant there is a tunnel. 


What makes this design more interesting is that a wine cellar literally stretches all the way through the tunnel. Follow the steps up and walk through the tunnel, one is faced with a completely different culinary landscape, which is the S.E.Asia Kitchen & Bar. From American casual to south east Asia wet market, this is more than a leap. 


The rich imagination certainly goes beyond the interior design. Its menu reflects a modern fusion of roasts. Putting Mongolian roast and American style grill on one menu and make them equally popular among the diners is yet another nice touch that defines diversity of the restaurant. All in all, the innate openness of Ribs identifies so well with boldness in Bo Innovation. 


Expect the unexpected is the trademark of Bo Innovation, as the Louis Vuitton City Guide once commented that it “takes guests on a daring sensory adventure where Chinese culinary traditions cross kitchen knives with the techniques of contemporary Western cuisine. It may amaze, surprise, shock or delight, but the experience is always extreme.” 


To offer a preview of this experience, Ribs is pleased to invite Dave Yu, Executive Chef of Bo Innovation to demonstrate two dishes on the menu on 1st November. Chef Yu carries distinctive DNA of Bo Innovation. Like Alvin Leung, the well-known Demon Chef and founder of the restaurant, Chef Yu is also a genius self-taught chef with a first degree in Australia multimedia and graphic design, a major that is remotely linked with culinary art. His daring ideas and passion earn him the position as the closest kitchen associate of chef Leung to develop innovative new concepts for Bo’s world famous menus. 


On 1st November, Chef Yu will present Bo’s signature dish the Molecular Xiao Long Bao and the Oyster with Sichuan green sauce. Before Chef Yu goes into anything technical, to understand molecular gastronomy, one needs to smash all conventional ideas about food ingredients, including their original shape and texture. The second step is to remain open to any possibilities, in other words, follow your wildest imagination. Here are some hints for curious guests, a jelly cube could be a piece of beef, a pinch of fine sand could mushroom, or an ice cream could be a mojito. No matter what shape these food ingredients transform into with the technique of molecular gastronomy, the ultimate principle for a gourmet is to indulge in the experiences good food brings. 



Experience 3-star Michelin molecular cuisine with an eight course tasting menu at RMB1,399 nett per person. Guests book before 4th December are entitled to an early bird offer at RMB999; with an additional RMB200 for wine pairing especially selected to compliment this unique gourmet journey. This offer is only on 9th and 10th December.

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