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Press Release

Min Chief Chef Zheng Chef Zheng Ying at Shangri-La Hotel, Fuzhou Rewrites the Fuzhou Cuisine Legend

Fuzhou, China, 30 April 2014 – Shangri-La Hotel, Fuzhou’s Min Chief Chef Zheng Ying creatively improved the traditional Min cuisines. Chef Zheng devotes himself to the Min cuisine. To extend the Min cuisine legend, he recreated many classic recipes from Min cuisine’s history, from ingredient selection to perfecting cooking technologies.

Delicacies, Tasted It All

Fried Pickled Fish

Wine lees marinating is a unique Min cuisine cooking technology. Wine lees is one of the products from wine-making process. As it can remove the ingredient’s original smell, add fragrance to it and stimulate the appetite, it was used often in Min cuisine. Wine lees marinating is well-known for the special fragrance it brings about and is a key process in Min cuisine. This ancient procedure is practised until now; people cook meat with wine lees during festivals and it is like building a unique scenery of Fuzhou from its smell.

Chef Zhang uses wine lees from the farmyard made with premium quality gluten rice and superior Gutuan red rice yeast. Remarkably, this wine lees is an overyear pure kind and has a blood-red colour. Fish gets tenderer and fresher tasting with the strong lees aroma.

Fried Dried Bamboo Shoots and Pork

Taking advantage of Fujian’s geography, Min cuisine uses a wide range of ingredients. Therefore, using “Shan Zhen Hai Wei”, which means feast from mount and seas, to describe the ingredient selection in Min cuisine is not overrated at all. Fried Dried Bamboo Shoots and Pork is a home-style dish in Fujian. However, Chef Zheng refined it by using organic bamboo from farmers in Xiyuan. It is made from baby bamboo that has been sun-dried in June of the Chinese calendar to make it chewy and maintain its tender fresh taste.

In keeping with the tenderness and healthy concept, the Braised Pork is also from the farmyard. Notably, Chef Zhang searched the surrounding area in Fuzhou for spring bamboo for another dish called Stir-Fried Bamboo Shoots with Wine Lee and Pork Belly. He eventually found it in picturesque Qi Mountain. He turns the spring bamboo shoots into sashimi, bringing the meaning of sweet and fresh to a whole new level.

Dessert • Traditional Stir-fried Sweet Potato Cake

As people in Fuzhou mostly like sweets, dessert is a must-have delightful treat. Traditional Stir-Fried Sweet Potato Cake is an indispensable sweet treat. As a start point, Chef Zhang specially searched for sweet potato flour from farmhouses in Minhou for his “best ingredients” – natural and original.

To make the dish as traditional as possible, Chef Zheng makes the lard himself. Although so-called “Chao Gao” (Stir-fried Cake), it resembles Konnyaku. Furthermore, Chef Zhang adds black and white sesames and pickled plum pieces for a stronger aroma. The sweet potato flour from the farmhouse makes the dish smooth but chewy, sweet but fresh. However, Chef Zhang does not stop there. He specially acquired organic tea oil to meet different market needs. With this healthy option, customers can freely enjoy the gourmet delights without worries.

Master from Gentlefolk, Reputation

Chef Zheng has followed many Min cuisine masters, including Qiang Mu Gen, Yao Xin Rui and so on. Based on traditional Min cuisine, he blends elements from Cantonese, Sichuan and Peking cuisines into his Min cuisine. He even used inspiration from Western dishes and developed many flavourful but balancing modern Min dishes to keep at pace with current dining trends.

Each year, two business recruiting conferences, including 5.18 and 6.18, are held at Shangri-La Hotel, Fuzhou’s Grand Ballroom. Chef Zheng and his team smoothly deliver the food and serve thousands of attendees successfully.

Chef Zheng has won two competitions. In 2002, he won second place in the Creative Hot Dish category at the first “West Xia Cup” with his Mantis Prawn with Salad and Deep-fried Julienne Potato.

In 2003, his signature dish Abalone Mushroom with Oyster Sauce won him first place, beating more than 600 competitors.

Honour in Fuzhou, Classic for Nine Years

Summer Palace is one of Shangri-La Hotel, Fuzhou’s signature restaurants. It has been awarded the “Best Performance Chinese Restaurant”. Summer Palace is home to 19 private dining rooms, which add an extra level of privacy for celebrations. With its unlimited Wi-Fi access, it is considered a great choice for family gatherings and business meeting.

Summer Palace has passed the ISO 14001 environmental management system certification and HACCP hazard analysis and critical control point certification. To provide the most comfortable and relaxing dining experience, the hotel strictly follows the Shangri-La group’s Food Safety System to ensure food safety and hygiene.

Please download the pictures from below links:

Min Chief Chef Zheng Ying

Drunken Chicken with Wine Lees

Fried Pickled Fish

Stir-fried Bamboo Shoot with Pork Belly

Stir-fried Cuttlefish with Cauliflower

Pig Stomach Soup with Peanuts and Lotus Seeds

Fried Razor Clam and Eggs

Fried Shrimp in Sweet Flavour

Deep-fried Silver Pomfret

Traditional Stir-fried Sweet Potato Cake

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