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Traders Hotel, Shenyang Offers Local Liaoning Specialities Menu At Shang Palace

Located along the Liao River, Shenyang is an important city in north-east China, famous for the distinctive Qing Dynasty culture as well as the Liaoning cuisine culture.  Chefs from Shang Palace at Traders Hotel, Shenyang present their seasonal blazing Liaoning specialities menu and reflect Liaoning cuisine techniques by roasting, stewing, frying and more.

Shang Palace, the Chinese restaurant at Traders Hotel, Shenyang, is designed with classic furniture and rich details like specially selected ornaments and wooden screens in the dining area; the simple yet elegant decoration keeps the glamour of the old but also brings a modern atmosphere of the new era.  Opened in 1996, Shang Palace, which offers Cantonese, local Liaoning specialities and healthy vegetarian cuisine, is always creative and innovative and, along with its brand story, customises its finest cuisine and dining experience for guests.

Tony Nie, the Chinese executive chef at Shang Palace, has more than 18 years of cuisine experience.  Chef Nie’s menu contains many traditional Liaoning recipes and seasonal ingredients, but fresh new ideas have been added to create an array of heart-warming dishes that can nourish the body and mind in the hot summer or the dry winter and autumn.  Chef Nie pays a lot of attention to keeping the Chinese taste and a local character in his cuisine.  After travelling around many cities in Liaoning Province for quality materials, Chef Nie finally decided to go for the most basic but important high-quality, organic Liaoning local ingredients.  Without loss of the original Liaoning flavour, the cuisine today absorbs the essence of Cantonese or Western food while looking exquisite and attractive.

The most interesting thing in the special menu is that guests can often find innovative ingredients such as fresh clams from Yingkou braised with cabbage and served in a casserole.  Guests can reach the highest realm of food enjoyment by discovering various authentic Liaoning tastes that are going through some change in terms of look and taste.

To make a reservation and for further information regarding Shang Palace, please telephone (86 24) 2341 2288 at extension 6224.

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