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Spring Tea Festival at Traders Hotel, Shenyang

On 20th March, the annual Spring Tea Festival in Traders Hotel, Shenyang is on the horizon, and the guests are invited to enjoy this wonderful festival together. When the peace of the spring has not foot in the North, the elegant fragrance of tea has already given you a memorable spring.

Using only freshly-picked seasonal spring tea and unique Hupao spring water and Dongting spring water. Traderian will brew the finest of tea.

"Observe, smell and taste, there will be known Longjing because it is always sofresh." The 2014 Traders HotelSpring TeaFestivaloffers fresh Hangzhou West Lake Longjing and Dongting Biluochun. In addition, select high quality Anji White Tea, Anxi Tieguanyin and Jinjunmeiin are also available as exquisite gift sets. 

The Lobby Lounge is open during the Spring Tea Festival. You can chat friends, while enjoying freshly brewed tea and a light meal. The fragrance of the tea will transport you to a quiet and cozy ‘Shangri-la’ within the busy city. Before leaving do not forget to get some special gift sets for your friends and family to share this prestigious flavor. 

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