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Shangri-la Hotel,Changzhou Participates in Earth Hour Initiative

It has always been the operation guideline of Shangri-la Group to save energy, reduce emission, and protect the environment. On the night of 23 March, 2013, Shangri-La Hotel, Changzhou participates in the Earth Hour initiative by switching off or turning down lighting and power facilities, which ended up with electricity saving up to 1047 kilo watts.

During the period between 20:30 to 21:30, all of the lights except safety lighting, are turned off or dimmed in the public areas and been replaced by the cordless lamps. The hotel encouraged guests to join the activity by electronic display or guest letters in the guestrooms. During the blackout period, the pianist was playing music for the occasion, and the guests were encouraged to enjoy cocktails in Lobby Lounge and Bar WJ. Closer to the end of the activity, all Executive Committee members joined with some voluntary staff take out the cordless lamps praying for our earth in front of the “1” shape stand.

Since the opening in 2012, the hotel has been an active advocate of environment protection and energy saving in the operation. The Font Office team uses Wacom digital scanning system to replace paper registration and billing forms, and recycles room cards and batteries for internal use. The Housekeeping Department uses ipad worksheet to replace papers and by doing so, an estimate of 30,600 papers and two cartridges will be saved. Information Technology Department used the newest virtual service technology to integrate multiple servers to save 80 percent of electricity.

As member of Shangri-La Group, Shangri-La Hotel, Changzhou has committed to its corporate social responsibility by making a positive contribution to our communities, environment, colleagues, guests and our business partners. The hotel will continue to devise and innovate environment-friendly technologies and practices to save energies and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

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