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Winter Fish Feast From Chagan Lake

Winter Fish Feast From Chagan Lake

Changchun, China, 19 January 2015 – As the famous Chagan Lake Winter Ice Fishing starts, the delicious Chagan Lake fresh fish becomes one of the delicacies that one cannot miss during the northern winter.  Chagan Lake winter fish is well known for its tender meat; it is fat, but not greasy, and has an unusually fresh taste.

Shangri-La Hotel, Changchun’s Chinese Executive Chef Zhang Yanqing, in pursuit of better quality and nutritious ingredients, personally went to the Chagan Lake Winter Ice Fishing site to look for his ideal ingredients with the freshest flavour during the northern winter, Chagan Lake winter fish.  Taking the fish back to the hotel, he presented Shang Palace guests the most delicious and authentic Chagan Lake winter fish feast.

To maintain the freshness of Chagan Lake winter fish, Chef Zhang said he mainly uses the home-stewing method and avoids frying the fish.  He simply slightly fries the fish to keep its nutritious and delicious flavour.  Diners can enjoy the freshness, rich flavour and delicious taste of traditional home-braised Chagan Lake bighead fish or have a fish feast with three cooking methods: home-stewed, braised in soy sauce or chilli steamed for fish head, braised in soy sauce with bean curd for the body and soup for the fish tail.

At the end of December each year until the period of Spring Festival is a good time for large-scale winter fishing on Chagan Lake.  This fishing and hunting culture originated in prehistoric times and became popular during the Liao dynasty.  This old way of winter fishing has continued for 1,000 years today.  Chagan Lake (also White Lake in Mongolian) is located in the Songhua River in the west of Jilin Province.  It has a total area of 420 square kilometres and is one of the 10 largest fresh water lakes in China.  It is the famous fishery production base of Jilin Province.                                        

Chagan Lake has over 68 kinds of fish, including variegated carp, carp, silver carp and many more.  The lake features China’s primitive fishing and hunting culture during northern winter, with a mysterious ceremony and using an ice fishing net – an absolutely eye-catching scene for visitors.  Nowadays, Chagan Lake Winter Ice Fishing is listed in the intangible cultural heritage list of Jilin Province.

“Chagan Lake fish is very vigorous,” Chef Zhang said.  He saw the energetic fish being pulled up to the lake surface, healthier than ordinary farmed fish.  This makes Chagan Lake fish meat tender, fat, but not greasy and gives it its unusually fresh taste. This makes them the finest ingredients for a fish feast during the winter season.
Traditionally, Home-Braised Chagan Lake Bighead Fish weighs about 3 kilograms; the fish used in the fish feast weighs about 4 kilograms per fish and is available for RMB988 per feast.  Diners can order the Chagan Lake Fish or Fish Feast at Shang Palace before the end of February 2015.  For inquiries and reservations, please call (86 431) 8898 1818 extension 6270.

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