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Map & Directions

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Shangri-La Changchun, sits at the junction of Chongqing Road and Xian Road - the financial, business and entertainment center of Changchun. The hotel neighbours Charter Shopping Centre, Wanda Shopping Mall, Walmart and Changchun Department Store and is only a 3.6 kilometers from the Puppet Manchurian Palace. The hotel is just 36.5 kilometers from Changchun Longjia International Airport and 3.7 kilometers from Changchun's train and high-speed rail stations.

Airport Connections

There are numerous options to reach Shangri-La Changchun. Guests can choose between hotel limousine pick-up, taxi and airport shuttle bus.

Hotel Limousine

You can arrange for an airport pick-up by our hotel limousine by providing your flight details and estimated time of arrival when booking online.

Alternatively, you can contact the hotel directly by telephone at (86 431) 8898 1818 or email the hotel at reservations.slcc@shangri-la.com  

Please make your booking directly at least two days in advance.

Hotel Limousine Charges

Hotel Limousine Charges for Airport Pick-up

Car Type Charges
Audi A6L CNY 470 (CNY 850 for Round Trip)
Buick GL8 CNY 520 (CNY 950 for Round Trip)
Toyota Microbus (23-Seater) CNY 770 (CNY 1,450 for Round Trip)

Wi-Fi access is available in the limousine.


Taxis can be found on the ground floor of the arrivals hall. Taxis are metered, and fare between Changchun International airport and Shangri-La Changchun, generally costs around RMB 120 (USD 20) per journey.

Airport Shuttle Bus

Airport shuttle buses can be found on the ground floor of the arrivals hall. A one-way trip will cost approximately RMB 24 (USD 4). This trip may take longer as the bus has many stops en route to the hotel.

Driving Directions

  1.  Drive west from the airport towards city of Changchun until you reach Caihong Square.
  2. Exit west at Jilin Road towards Renmin Square.
  3. Turn onto Xi'an Road and keep going ahead for 0.5 kilometres until you see the hotel.

    If you need help, please contact us at (86 431) 8898 1818.

    Valet parking is not available at Shangri-La Changchun. There is a secure underground garage at the hotel that may be used by guests or visitors to the hotel for a small fee.


    (86 431) 8898 1818


    (86 431) 8898 1919



    569 Xian Road, Changchun, 130061, China