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Beijing Food Street

We recreate a Beijing food street, with food stalls and local artisans in action, such as calligraphers, dough sculptors, kite makers and cobblestone carvers. Guests may shop for souvenirs, sample the Chinese delicacies at the food stalls such as Beijing Roast Duck, Chinese Pancakes and Dan Dan Noodles. You can also discover the art of noodle-making and creating steamed dumplings. After dinner, guests will be entertained by a Lion Dance. Gongs, drums and cymbals provide the musical backdrop for magnificent feats of Chinese acrobatics.

Beijing Opera

Enjoy the glory of the historical Beijing Opera with this entertaining cultural theme. We recreate a Beijing Opera stage within a well-decorated banquet room. A traditional Chinese Banquet will be served whilst guests enjoy the highlights of a Beijing Opera performance. There will also be a variety performance that includes acrobatics, Chinese folk-singing and traditional dancing.

Black and White Ball

Enjoy an evening of elegance and charm. We begin with pre-dinner drinks and delicate canapés served by candlelight, followed by dinner accompanied by a small orchestra. The soft music blends with the black-and-white decorated table settings.

The Emperor's Banquet

Imperial Beijing enchants with this theme that celebrates the rituals of the classical dynasties of China. The evening begins with drinks in a folk bazaar which showcases traditional Chinese crafts, such as calligraphy and dough sculpting. After that, waiters dressed in picturesque Qing Dynasty costumes escort guests to their places, where they will be given menus in the form of a Chinese scroll. The after-dinner entertainment includes the dramatic entry of an Emperor and his entourage, dressed in colourful traditional costumes.