Summer Palace

A delicious mix of tradition & current

Embark upon a culinary journey of the best of regional Cantonese and Huaiyang cuisines.

Double-boiled Sea Whelk Soup with Medlar

A truly Cantonese dish in which sea whelk cubes are double-boiled with pork, yam and medlar in superior soup.

Baked Prawn with Garlic

Fried prawn, salty egg yolk and fried minced garlic.

Braised River Eel with Eggplant

Deep-fried river eel seasoned with oyster oil.

Sautéd Shrimp and Deep-fried Shrimp with Salt and Pepper Sauce

Sautéd peeled shrimp seasoned with vinegar and sugar.


(86 10) 6505 2266 ext. 34


Level 2

Operating Hours

11.30am - 2.30pm

5.30pm - 10pm

Dress Code

Smart Casual

Smoking Policy

Smoking is not permitted in Summer Palace.