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Yiwu is an international trading hub in Zhejiang Province, China, and a large market of petty commodity wholesales in the world, where many global buyers go to do business.

Yiwu is 300 kilometers away from Shanghai or 90 minutes by high speed train, and a 30-minute train ride or 120 kilometers away from Zhejiang’s capital, Hangzhou.


Fotang Ancient Town
Peaceful and picturesque, Fotang Ancient Town is a short 10km drive from downtown Yiwu. The enclave is famous for its outstanding historical architecture and traditional arts and crafts.

The dwellings in Fotang show classic Huizhou-style architecture, while their interior decoration and construction combine the local skills of wood, brick and stone carving. Popular sites include Mao’s Courtyard, Wu Han’s Former Residence, Liu Xuan Primary School and You Long Memorial Hall, which represent typical historical houses.

Shuang Lin Temple
Shuang Lin Temple has a history of some 1500 years. Completed in A.D. 550, it has been the spiritual centre of oriental Buddhism, and one of the greatest temples in China. The temple’s founder, Master Fu (497-569), sought to combine Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism into a new school of thought.
Guyue Bridge
Guyue bridge is located in Chi'an Village and crosses the Dragon Creek. Completed in the year 1213, and never rebuilt or repaired, it is a single span arch bridge with a rare design in which the girders are arranged like ribs.

Such a design can be seen in the famous Song-dynasty painting by Zhang Zeduan, Along the River During the Qingming Festival. Twelve Chinese characters are engraved on the bridge, marking the period of its construction during the Jiangding Era of the Southern Song dynasty.

Quick Facts
Quick Facts

Yiwu first became a county in 222 BC and was renamed Yiwu County in 624 AD. Trade has been historically important in Yiwu. Yiwu is the terminus for a number of long-distance international container trains. At 8,111 miles, the Yiwu-Madrid container train route is a long goods railway line. Shipping containers are transported along this route from China to Spain via Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany and France. In 2016, a similar route was inaugurated connecting Yiwu to Tehran, Iran.

From Yiwu, there are direct flights to the following major ports:

Seoul, Hong Kong, Taipei, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Fuzhou, Sanya, Xiamen, Kunming, Xian, Haikou, Shenyang and Nanjing.


Di Shui Yan
Located in Suxi Town, the Di Shui Cliff is also called the Shui Zhu Dong Tian (Fascinating Place with Dropping Water). Following the steps along the cliff, visitors will find the Hugong Hall with statues of Hu Ze and Zong Ze, a famous general of the Song Dynasty, as well as the Temple of the Laughing Buddha and Jiangxue Pavilion.

At the clifftop, a seven-floor pagoda features stone lions and dragons as well as Buddhist statues. From the pagoda’s terraces, visitors can enjoy a view of Suxi Town.

Songpu Mountain
The high peak in Zhejiang is located in Dongzhu Village, Chi’an Town. Along the peaceful mountain path, visitors can take in views of the impressive Qiaoxia Gorge, and the thousand stone steps known as the ancient battle pass of “Bai Bu Jun”.

Desheng Cliff
Located in Houzhai Town in northern Yiwu, Desheng Cliff has an elevation of 381.7 meters, with fantastic views from its winding paths. There are many natural wonders to explore including Shangyan Cave, Hongyan Cave, the Bat Cave, the Guanshan Mountain and the Nine Dragons for One Pearl Cliff. The Helingxing Temple at Desheng Cliff has attracted worshippers since the Yuan Dynasty. Many scholars have recorded its breathtaking scenery in their poems.

Shangri-La Hotel, Yiwu is a 20-minute drive from Yiwu Railway Station and a 25-minute drive from Yiwu International Airport. For transportation assistance, please consult the Concierge, who will ensure you arrive at your destination comfortably and on time.
Arts & Culture
Arts & Culture
Yiwu Museum
Established in 1927, the Yiwu Museum is among the oldest museums in China and showcases the area’s rich history. The 9000 square-metre museum houses over 2500 artefacts from calligraphy to fossils. Relics include items of porcelain, bronze, steel, gold and silver dating back to the New Stone Age and to the Ming and Qing dynasties.

World Trade Centre / International Trade City
The Yiwu World Trade Centre (also known as Futian Market) is the largest trade marketplace in Yiwu, showcasing 62,000 booths, 100,000 manufacturers and some 400,000 goods from 9am to 5pm daily.

Handicrafts, ornaments, toys and flowers are the four main product areas, while clothing, hardware, interior decoration and cosmetics also feature prominently among the 28 categories of goods for sale.

Huangyuan Market
Huang Yuan Clothing Market is a professional garment market selling a comprehensive array of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing.

Binwang Market
Bedding Market (formerly Binwang Market) is made up of more than 8,000 booths mainly selling clothing and bedding. It is the largest professional bedding market in Zhejiang Province, with foreign sales accounting more than 60% of the total business.


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