Little Chief's Club

A memorable experience for your children full of fun and play

Here at the Little Chief’s Club, your little ones take charge. From basking under the summer heat to immersing themselves in Fijian culture, liven up their stay with some fun and play. Babysitting services are also available throughout the day so you can throw all your worries and cares away.


Tie Dye Sarong and Tee Shirt

It’s a tie dye world and your children are living in it! Jazz up your sarong with every colour possible. Our colleagues will be there to help bring their imagination to life. Tie, dye, and you are ready to fly. Each child will have their own sarong and a set of pants to get started.


Weaving Classes

Weave your way and create with our special set of classes. Using native coconut leaves as a base, we teach you the basics —how to bring life through the art of weaving, from model airplanes to hats you can sport on a sunny day.


Inflatable Water Park

Up for a challenge? Run and slide through without a care at our Inflatable Water Park. Beloved by guests and visitors alike, the park boasts a sprawling set of obstacle and climbing courses, plus an enhanced bout of fun in the water.


Fish House Building

Learn about saving the seas and put fun to purposeful use. Learn how to build a fish house as well as find out more about the importance of preserving marine life. Accompanied by our experienced marine colleagues, who says education cannot be fun?


Outdoor Fun Games or Dance Classes

The best way to immerse in a culture is to stay in sync to its rhythmic, distinct beat. Dive deep into traditional culture through how they play —from traditional ones like spear throwing and coconut bowling. Learn how to dance the way they do by embracing the beloved “Meke” dance, a traditional Fijian romp.



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