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Garden of the Sleeping Giant

Travellers to Fiji will experience a world of beauty at this tropical garden resort which houses over 2,000 species of orchids covering 20 hectares.

Established in 1977, this extensive garden once belonged to the popular Canadian actor Raymond William Stacey Burr (1917 - 1993). Picturesquely landscaped areas are abundant along with serene ponds speckled with water lilies. The area nestles some of the indigenous species of orchids among other species dancing to the breeze in vibrant colours and various shapes.

Kula Eco Park

One of Fiji’s visited and prominent tourist attractions, the Kula Eco Park is a world-class, award-winning facility. It plays a significant role in breeding and wildlife conservation, and works hand in hand with many local as well as international conservation groups.

Rare and fascinating species of animals and plants have been included in the displays of the Kula Eco Park. The park is also actively participating in preserving native fauna. The Kula Eco Park has won the Excellence in Tourism’ Award for three years as Fiji’s tourist attraction.

Sigatoka Sand Dunes

Sigatoka Sand Dunes are four miles of large windswept sand dunes along the coast. The area is a protected national park administered by the National Trust of Fiji.

Pottery shards from the Lapita Era (1000 years ago), buried in time by drifting sands, can be found scattered amongst the sand dunes. Several archaeological excavations have even revealed ancient fishing settlements. If you wish to explore the sand dunes, there are official trails which often expose these ancient pottery shards.


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