Weddings Planning
Prepare for your wedding
Countdown three months
• Book hotel          • Book Wedding          • Take wedding photos          • Book the four King Kong Wedding          • Customize wedding dress          • Customize diamond ring          • Determine the best man and bridesmaid          • Adjust the status

Two months' countdown
• Booking wedding car          • Wedding preparations          • Wedding supplies          • Wedding room supplies

Countdown one month
• Determine the wedding process and details          • Send invitations          • Wedding room layout          • Preparation and props of the matchmaking games          • Prepare to arrange accommodation for foreign guests          • Hotel trial dishes

Half a month countdown
• Prepare red envelopes          • Check all clothes on the day of fitting          • Prepare wedding first aid kit          • Check whether all items are properly arranged

Countdown one week
• Wedding process rehearsal          • Bride image          • Sorting out items & important matters          • Final confirmation of hotel banquet