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Gorkhi Terelj National Park and Turtle Rock

The scenic national park features rock formations, including the famous Turtle Rock, Chinggis Khan Complex, mountains and forests. It is named after the Terelj river. It is popular for tourists due to its close proximity to the city centre. (55km east)

Khustai National Park

The park features the endangered species of Mongolian wild horse and other animals such as deer and gazelle, and landscape ranges from grassland steppe to forest steppe. (100km west)

Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park

The largest national park in Mongolia lies on the northern edge of Gobi Desert. It features desert landscape, mountain valleys, and rare plants and animals such as snow leopard and the Gobi Camel. (620km southwest)

Khovsgol Lake

It is the largest lake in Mongolia and the second largest freshwater lake in the world. The area is a National Park and is home to wildlife such as ibex, argali, elk, reindeer, musk deer, brown bear, lynx, marten, beaver, wolf, moose, a wide variety of birds and plants. (580km northwest)


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