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With over 600 years of history as a city, Tianjin is famous for the architecture of châteaux and grand villas left behind by the foreign powers. These buildings are protected heritage sites and are generally well-preserved. A short walk from the hotel is the impressive Haihe River, where the the city’s development began.


Italian Style Town
Built in the former Italian Concession, the Italian Style Town recreates the feel of Italy with authentic food, bars, designer clothing stores and an art museum. With its well-preserved fences and villas, the Italian Style Town is a protected heritage area.

Wu Da Dao (Five Avenues)
Tianjin's Wu Da Dao or Five Avenues refers to a rectangle of five roads spanning a total of 1.28 square kilometres in the southern part of the city, containing numerous historical buildings dating back to the city's heyday as a bustling treaty port. In 1901 the Wu Da Dao area was handed over to the British as little more than waterlogged marshland, but from 1919-1926 the river was dredged and land reclaimed for what has become one of Tianjin's desirable neighbourhoods. Horse-drawn carriages are available to explore the area.

Haihe River
Tianjin’s Haihe river is 70 kilometres long with 19 bridges built across it. The source of livelihood for many of the city’s original residents, the river has been the centre of Tianjin’s centuries of development.

Today, the riverbank is a place to relax with a picturesque view. Take a stroll along the water and enjoy the sight of people line-dancing in the evening.

Eye of Tianjin – Observation Wheel
The Eye of Tianjin is 120 metres tall and electronically powered. It takes about 30 minutes to complete a rotation and enjoy a panoramic view of the city from above.

Quick Facts
Quick Facts
Glittering skyscrapers line the horizon alongside heritage architecture in this historic yet modern city.
Taxis are the easy way to get around for longer distances, but it may be better to explore the city on foot within the vicinity of the hotel.


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