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Jing An Shangri-La, Shanghai, is in the Jing An central business district, one of Shanghai's affluent and cultured neighbourhoods. As the area’s luxury hotel, we offer great resources to business and leisure travellers who wish to experience the neighbourhood and city in comfort and style.

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Jing An Temple
The Jing An district is named after the iconic Jing An Buddhist temple, a heritage site of magnificent gilded architecture.

The temple’s history dates back to 1216, in the Song dynasty. Over the centuries, it has undergone various transformations. The site houses the largest jade Buddha in China and a copper bell from the Ming dynasty.

In 1921, the temple was expanded, further enhancing its grandeur. The site became a plastic factory during the Cultural Revolution, and a fire destroyed its foundation. Finally, the temple underwent a million-dollar restoration in 1983.

Jing An Park
Developed as a city park in 1954, Jing An Park is located in the heart of the city. It features fountains, lush greenery and blooming flowers. Visitors can enjoy displays of tai chi every morning from Shanghai’s elderly citizens who go to the park to exercise. In another corner, bird lovers often gather to admire one another’s prized song birds.

Shanghai Exhibition Centre
The Shanghai Exhibition Centre is a historic symbol of the Sino-Soviet friendship of the 1950s and ‘60s. Inspired by Soviet neo-classical architecture, the project was a gift from Joseph Stalin to the People’s Republic of China.

Quick Facts
Quick Facts
Jing An Shangri-La, Shanghai is in the Jing An central business district, one of Shanghai's affluent and cultured neighbourhoods. As the area’s luxury hotel, we offer great resources to business and leisure travellers who wish to experience the neighbourhood and city in comfort and style.

Yu Garden
Created during the Ming Dynasty by Pan Yun Duan, then finance minister of Sichuan, Yu Garden has survived the rise and fall of dynasties. It is now a key relic site protected by the state.

Spreading over 5 acres, the garden displays the magnificence of Ming architecture with later Qing Dynasty influences. 

The intricate design and façade of the towers are complemented by the garden’s lake. Special lighting combines modernity and tradition, and the site is transformed when the sun sets.

Next to Yu Garden is one of Shanghai’s unique bazaars, where visitors can enjoy local delicacies while shopping for souvenirs. Nearby is Yuyuan Old Street, known as the centre of trade in pre-modern China, as well as the ancient Cheng Huang Temple.

Our hotel staff will ensure that you arrive at your destination comfortably and on time, by arranging a private car, hailing a taxi or directing you to the nearby Metro station.
Arts & Culture
Arts & Culture

Chairman Mao's Former Residence
The Mao House was the former residence of Chairman Mao Zedong, during his third visit to Shanghai. In his lifetime, Mao made 55 trips to the city. During his stay from May to July 1920, Mao made several political contributions from this humble residence on Anyi Road.

Apart from playing an integral role in the making of the Hunan Self-Government Movement, the future Communist Party leader also penned several papers from this apartment.

Listed today as an official site for Red Tourism, the Mao House is protected by the state. It is part of the Jing An Kerry Centre and is undergoing restoration as a museum. 

Jing An Sculpture Park
Jing An Sculpture Park is an exhibition space for public art in downtown Shanghai, with an area of 66,000 square meters. In an effort to beautify green urban space, the park displays sculpture and landscape designs. It has become a cultural and recreational destination for Shanghai residents and visitors.


Jing An Kerry Centre
Jing An Kerry Centre on Nanjing Road West offers a diverse range of retail and entertainment options, from international fashion labels and lifestyle brands to a colourful choice of dining outlets. Jing An Kerry Centre has been designed to host live performances, fashion shows, car shows, festivals and much more.

Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street
The East end of Nanjing Road is a pedestrian street lined with shops and malls, where citizens and tourists haggle for better prices. A total of 4 metro stations along Line 2 serve the shopping area, which stretches almost 6 km from Jing An Temple to People’s Square.
South Bund Fabric Market
Fashion, textile and silk enthusiasts should not miss South Bund Fabric Market. Material for a cheongsam/qipao (traditional Chinese dress) can go for US$20 or less. Suits take an average of two days to make and cufflinks start at US$1 a pair. However, it’s not a leisurely shopping experience: With three levels and about a hundred different tailors to choose from, shoppers will put their bargaining skills to the test.


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