Basic Information
South East Asian
(12pm - 2:30pm;5:30pm - 10pm (Mon - Sun)):
Specialties from Southeast Asia
S.E.A. showcases signature South-East Asian cuisines and live seafood. The restaurant’s highlights include Thai salads, curries, stir-fried noodles, and chilli crab.
Singaporean Chili Crab
This delicacy is Singapore's national dish and it is prepared by our culinary team using the freshest ingredients. The secret lies in the sauce and our chefs are using traditional ingredients to achieve the perfect mix of spices and flavor. This is truly a majestic dish by combining the elegant characteristics of the fresh crab with a bounty of strong flavors.
Restaurant Story
Basic Information
CuisineSouth East Asian
Dress CodeCasual
Smoking PolicyNon-smoking
Ocean Wing- Level 1,No.88 North Hai Tang Road, Sanya, Hainan
(86 898) 8875 8888 内線503
(12pm - 2:30pm;5:30pm - 10pm (Mon - Sun)):