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Now you can create your own hotel package with our CustomStay, in addition to receiving Internet access at our hotel.

When booking our Flexible Rate, you can select from a range of services to be added to your basic room rate. The more you select, the more you save.

How to create your CustomStay package
Simply enter your travelling dates and number of room occupancies, then click on Check Rates & Offers.

Choose your desired room type from the available options and select CustomStay. A list of exclusive CustomStay services and privileges will be presented for your selection.

As you start adding services to your booking, the Total Room Rate will change to reflect additional services added, so that you know exactly what you are buying.
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    Rooms & Suites
    02 Jan 2025 - 08 May 2025
    One Night On Us
    Stay three nights at Shangri-La Paris and enjoy the fourth night on us.

    Rates from USD 3,572 for 4 nights

    Rooms & Suites
    15 May 2024 - 31 Dec 2024
    Family Retreat
    Make your Summer Shangri-La with a family friendly getaway in the French capital.

    From USD 3,789 Average Per Night

    Rooms & Suites
    15 May 2024 - 23 Sep 2024
    Flexible Rate with Breakfast & Transfer
    A luxurious stay with a complimentary breakfast and a one-way transfer.

    From USD 1,515 Average Per Night